Human Artificial Intelligence (HAI) is a new offering from ids that can help with processes that involve application testing and quality assurance. Partnering with other automation specialists, we have developed the HAI platform from a combination of software technology and processes.

The platform can support the continuous development, testing and monitoring of your software, quality assurance and test data management. Around 70% of testing activity is typically spent on test preparation. This is where Human Artificial Intelligence can help, by reducing your test preparation and providing an automated approach. Here are just 3 reasons why an organisation should consider adopting HAI.

Accelerate your digital transformation

The Human Artificial Intelligence platform is the fastest way in the world to prepare and execute application testing. Across many businesses, digital transformation is no longer just an industry buzzword but something that can make a huge difference to the way an organisation evolves and adapts. Many businesses are now run on digital products, and it’s crucial they are delivered with the highest quality to ensure success.

Previously, businesses have experienced inefficient test data management and manual approaches to testing, which has often created a constraint within DevOps. The HAI platform can provide continuous testing capabilities to overcome these challenges, while also reducing security risks which are often increased through manual, sub-standard testing.

Easy to use

For many organisations, digital transformation has had to happen quickly, which can leave businesses with a skills or resource gap. For that reason, low-code platforms are becoming essential so that businesses are still able to make use of their technical resources.

Human Artificial Intelligence is helpful for businesses that want to adapt and integrate new technology, but may not necessarily have the skills or resource at the time. With our HAI platform, anyone at any skill level can implement the relevant test scenarios in an activity map. What’s more, one low-code script change will automatically update thousands of automated tests, shortening your time to quality release.

Better productivity and flexibility

The HAI platform can lead to increased productivity across your testing service, with the ability to map out your application to bring clarity. Mapping can provide an ability to trigger AI capabilities, which increases the coverage of your testing, allowing you to be more productive and efficient.

You can also achieve flexibility, through the unique activity map approach. This can open up the possibility for more automated tests to be created, that your team may not have even thought about.

Find out more about the benefits of HAI and get in touch today.

How to combine testing and AI

HAI is a fully-automated software testing solution which has robust practices and tooling to support continuous testing with test data management, environment management and on demand reporting.

How to combine testing and AI

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