The Opportunity With Remote Hiring

Organisations are currently struggling to adapt to the new ways of recruiting remotely and this problem is causing them loss of business, inability to progress and lacklustre results.

We would like to share a story about how we recently supported our client to recruit a professional 100% remotely.

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We were approached by a leading-edge Global Technology consultancy firm, specialising in DevOps, Development & Data solutions. Many businesses are facing difficult times and recruitment was hit hardest.



This organisation had worked previously with resource/recruitment providers but found they never quite understood the types of people that the company needed to work for them. This resulted in never making particularly good hires through recruiters.

There was a necessity to find a specialised recruitment partner who:

Understood their sector and the individual roles they were hiring for

They could speak honestly and openly with, to build a positive and lasting relationship

Could scale alongside the business as it grows.

Who had a process and method that ensured success

Experience of hiring A players using remote processes

Method A:

Method A Hiring Process

Implementing the solution

Our experts found a tailor-made solution to help implement iResource alongside the internal HR & Resource team. This gave them the opportunity to carry on doing non-technical internal recruitment and general important HR functions for the company. They trust in us to deliver their technical resource needs & to be the only resource company they work with.

This includes both technical experience and cultural traits, to ensure the candidates excel technically in their field, but also will mesh well with the overarching culture of the company. We conduct in-depth screening interviews to ensure the utmost quality of candidates is kept. If candidates do not meet the relevant criteria and also achieve an overall rating of more than 8/10 using our bespoke scorecard system, they will not be sent to the business.

The Benefits of iResource

Since working with ids and iResource, this organisation have seen several excellent hires first time around, as well as very fast turnaround when it comes to hiring new talent, from delivering their requirements to the iResource team, to securing the right candidate.

Working with a resource partner they like and can trust to deliver only top-quality candidates means that they see faster turnaround and quality from their hiring processes. Technical projects are also being delivered at a greater pace and by employees that share a passion for the company.

  • An increased success rate of hiring individuals who we deliver the outcome required.
  • The confidence to hire on data rather than gut.
  • An increased percentage for retaining employees.
  • Increase in acceptance from offer.
  • A better hiring experience for both the business and new employee.
  • The ability to hire remotely

This organisation intends to continue to use ids and iResource as exclusive partner to support its technical hiring needs.

To find out more about the work that ids and iResource do and how we can support your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team.
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