S4Hana Data Readiness Assessment

The Situation:

Most organizations realize the value of data and typically feel compelled to collect as much of it as they can so that they can do more things with it. The problem is the software or the people collecting it introduce flaws.

The Challenge:

The problem is that there’s often too much blind faith placed in data — people tend to adopt a “set it and forget it” mentality — when in reality that data may very well be flawed.

As an example, a company can make bad decisions based on flawed data. GDPR comes into question, is another blind issue.

Because we may have tons of data how can we be sure that data is clean, useable, compliant and serving our customer who put it there?

The Solution:

A data MOT by iDS can give you that confidence and assurance before you either get into GDPR trouble, miss huge profitable opportunities or start a project that will end up costing you loads of cash.

The Benefits:

For these and other reasons, it’s important to create a culture that recognizes the importance of data integrity and that supports the notion of quality assurance over blind faith. For many people this represents a significant shift in mindset. That’s not because of a lack of interest in the quality of their data, but rather because they thought it was too hard or too expensive to get someone in to look over a very security conscious area!

To create a culture of quality assurance, companies need to start addressing any issues that arise with their data pre-emptively rather than after the fact. While that can be difficult to do manually on their own, with the right tools and support they can proactively validate their data and avoid a host of problems in the process.

Booking your Data MOT Assurance can save you time, fines and help you ensure your associates are keeping the data quality at an all time high. Don’t wait till you’ve signed a project transformation statement of work to ensure your data is in the right place.

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