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To operate an efficient and effective health care system, speed and quality are both core essentials. When only the gold standard of health care quality will do, you need exceptional data quality so your decision making can be decisive and correct. The digital transformation of healthcare, access to electronic health records and information systems is a major breakthrough. It connects different elements of the healthcare industry and allows them to make informed decisions, through peer reviews, to improve individual and public health. Applications, health systems and even wearable technology are transforming the way healthcare is being delivered. For this to work, however, robust testing and data quality assurance are needed. Why? Because a maximum level of accuracy is needed to convert precise healthcare data.

The team here at ids are ready to help you with automated testing services and vigorous quality assurance services to ensure accuracy and prevent incidents.

Problem 1

Our Solution: iData

The Government & Healthcare sector is going through a great deal of transformation. From old and outdated systems being transformed, replaced or upgraded to the building of more efficient services for the general public. During this process, it is essential that all your data is handled correctly. From a security and quality perspective, it’s vital the data set is clean, monitored and free of duplicate records – all of which has never been more important.

When it comes to keeping and using highly sensitive government and healthcare data, iData will manage 100% of your data accurately and keep it secure at all times. The main focus of iData is providing you with reusable data quality assets that can be checked quickly and judged on your pre-determined quality expectations.

Problem 2

Our Solution: iJira

In the complex world of government and healthcare digital transformation, you are dealing with application landscapes which cross many applications. This presents a difficult task when having visibility of progress and having the foresight of any events which may cause delays in your programme.

iJira will help you and your team ensure accountability is high and stakeholders and people of note can check on the status of each individual element of a project or task anywhere, anytime. We’ll help you create bespoke dashboards so you can remove any risk, ambiguity or surprises about the quality of software or project. Our iJira tool will ensure you have good audit trails and good data on which to create compliance reports.

Problem 3

Our Solution: iTesting

Government and healthcare programmes are vast and cover multiple application integrations which is why a highly sophisticated quality assurance solution is required to enable teams to adequately cover complex integrations. iTesting provides a series of solutions which provide full traceability, continuous testing, test data management and automated dashboards. With this highly sensitive data in your healthcare system, the last thing you want is a leak, a broken system or an application that can’t handle the demand. iTesting will put your data and your programme through its paces which means that when it comes to going live you’ll be sure that you can handle expected and unexpected scenarios.

Problem 4

Our Solution: iSecurityTest

Patient confidentiality is one of the pillars of healthcare. In a world of digitized healthcare, the need for data security is the most important thing an organisation needs to consider. iSecurityTest is an on-demand, repeatable and accurate testing service. It will ensure that your health care system can combat the complex and ever-changing world of cybersecurity. We offer a range of penetration testing services from vulnerability scanning to internal & external pen-testing. All of which will help you mitigate risk, protect medical records and ensure you’re aware of unknown weaknesses in your health system. Data collection has evolved significantly over the last few years, therefore, it is crucial you have a nimble, modern testing solution. Our bespoke data security solutions will be the perfection option for your testing needs.

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Why Is Data Important In Healthcare?

Healthcare is data-centric in ways the average person can struggle to comprehend. Health systems and medical records are being updated constantly with information about individual and public health. This quantitative and qualitative data is being fed into a complex system and is essential to ensuring healthcare institutions and bodies can create plans and products for their patients. In short, data quality must be thought of as paramount.

Penetration testing in healthcare is another part of ensuring health systems retain high data quality and security. Healthcare information systems contain highly sensitive patient data and if they are hacked, it could cause irreversible damage to the organisation’s reputation. Penetration testing, therefore, can help support the security and stability of these complex systems. With the ultimate goal of keeping patient data safe. Software testing and data quality assurance are also necessary tools to ensure health care systems are performing to set performance metrics. It’s vital that devices, computer systems and mobile applications are functional and can handle consistent data input. Our suite of tools can ensure the highest data quality standards are set in shorter, entirely automated, test running cycles.

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