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The digital transformation of the healthcare and government sectors has been a major breakthrough over the years, but with it comes the need for robust testing and data quality assurance. Exceptional data quality in healthcare is necessary for supporting applications, health systems and even wearable technology, all of which are changing the way healthcare is delivered. Access to electronic health records and information systems has become crucial, but it’s key to ensure you have the right data management in the healthcare sector, so that your decision making is conclusive and correct.

At ids, we are here to make that easier for you, with a wealth of data quality assurance solutions to deliver accuracy and prevent incidents.


Delivering data quality solutions in the Government & Healthcare sectors

The Government and Healthcare sectors can experience a number of issues within data quality and management, which can include the need for accuracy and the highest level of data security.

We have identified 4 key areas where those in the Government & Healthcare sectors would benefit from data quality, management and cleansing solutions.

1. Data accuracy
2. Management information during digital transformation
3. Inadequate or outdated testing services
4. Need for highest level of data security

How can ids help?

To operate an efficient and effective system, data quality in healthcare is essential. From outdated systems now being upgraded to handling existing sensitive data correctly, it can be helpful to have access to a wealth of tools and solutions that make data management easier.

At ids, we have a number of solutions that can deliver the data quality assurance your healthcare system needs.


iData can manage 100% of your data accurately and keep it secure at all time, making sure data is handled correctly during a transformation or system upgrade. iData can also facilitate data cleansing in healthcare, making sure it is monitored and free of duplicate records.


Digital transformation can present a difficult task when trying to achieve visibility of progress, particularly when you are dealing with cross applications. iJira can help you and your team ensure accountability is high, allowing for bespoke dashboards and audit trails to check the status of each project or task.


Government and Healthcare programmes can cover multiple applications, which creates a need for quality assurance solutions to cover these. iTesting can provide full traceability and test data management for healthcare so you can prevent a leak in the system or an application that can’t handle the demand.


Data security is of paramount importance in the Government & Healthcare sectors. iSecurityTest can provide a testing service to make sure your system can combat the complex world of cybersecurity, with penetration services to mitigate risk and protect records.

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