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Education and the wider learning environment doesn’t often associate itself with data testing or data quality. The nearest higher educational establishments get to data analysis is keeping test scores. However, the importance of data quality and the ability to track performance systems is vital in this sector to ensure that a range of things are accurate.

Here at ids, we have worked with a number of educational establishments to improve data collection and data quality. They have found that their new, refined and accurate data model has helped them improve their decision making.

So, if you work in higher education and want to work with a company that can offer you bespoke data quality engineering & automated software testing solutions then be sure to contact a member of the team from ids today. Our wealth of experience in the learning community makes us confident that we can help you.

Problem 1

Our Solution: iData

In the world of education having data that is of high quality is crucial to not just education systems and processes but to the future of the children and young adults who are learning under them. iData will profile the data you have, cleanse it of impurities before transforming it into something meaningful that you can monitor. With multiple systems talking to each other from a range of different institutions it’s so important that you’ve got your data quality in order to avoid costly errors. iData will ensure you’ve always got high-quality data with constant monitoring and testing. Obfuscate sensitive student information or generate entirely synthetic data and enjoy a reusable data quality asset that you can use for rapid data quality checks.

Problem 2

Our Solution: iPerform

Performance systems are prevalent across all sectors of the education system from primary school to universities. It’s no understatement to say that without these performance systems the education system couldn’t function in the way that it does. So, it stands to reason that you need a Load & Performance testing system that can put your systems through its paces to ensure it can withstand the hectic day-to-day usage in the educational system. Load & Performance testing isn’t something you should do once in a while, it should be a thing you’re constantly doing, unexpected demand could occur at any time which means it’s vital your systems can handle the extra stress. iPerform is a rapid, fully remote service that can deliver a flexible, repeatable, on-demand performance service. 

Problem 3

Our Solution: iTesting

With new programs being rolled out more and more frequently across the education system, it’s vital that you’ve got a testing service that can fulfil a number of different needs. From penetration testing, so you can roll out with the assurance that your system is secure, right the way through to quality assurance providers that can free you of old-fashioned data quality practices. You need iTesting and its suite of tools to make sure your new program can be released quickly, efficiently and securely. As experts in the education sector, we know what it takes to develop a successful new programme for an institution and we’re confident that iTesting is the perfect solution for your testing needs.

Problem 4

Our Solution: iJira

Getting one singular version of the truth and the status of a project is difficult in any industry but especially in the education sector. With departments spread across institutions, it can be easy for one element of a project to go under the radar, allow its standards to slip and either delay a project’s rollout, cost people lots of money or both. iJira can help you create bespoke Jira dashboards that show the current status of every element of a project so the right people, be they people in Data Governance, Digital Delivery or Corporate Systems, can view in real-time how a project is doing. Enjoy one singular version of the truth with iJira.

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The Benefits Of Accurate Data In Education

Having quality assurance over your data is vital to the smooth running of higher educational establishments. Too often, they are using old, outdated software which, when replaced by something newer, can damage the overall data quality. Why? Because this damaged data wasn’t handled properly or tested enough.

With a large number of institutions being spread across various physical locations, it’s important that you have a data set that has been rigorously tested and is undergoing data analysis to make sure that it has not been altered while in the hands of colleagues.

In any form of schooling, be it primary education, secondary education or higher education, data comes from a range of different sources. From exam results, parent feedback, library cards, right the way through to incident reports. All these forms of data are vital to ensure the smooth running of a school but, they will all be inputted in different ways. This variance can damage data quality and prevent linear conclusions being made by headteachers, board members and senior staff. A single version of the truth is needed in education.

Quality data is also important when it comes to students. Being able to undertake thorough data analysis of test scores, exam results or coursework, knowing the data you’re working with is accurate, can help you glean insights into why a student did better or worse in a recent test, for example.

In short, data is important in education because it makes your institution better.

The main benefit of accurate data in education is that you’re able to make accurate decisions and enjoy a much greater knowledge about the pupils that are taught in your institution. It shines a light on what works, what doesn’t and offers you the chance to create more bespoke learning environments for all your students.

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