Name – Stuart Reyner

Your position in company – Software Development Manager

You’re mainly based at – our Manchester hub

Hot Tip 2 of 10 – how to get your data ready for migrations (when your supplier asks you to!)

What was the challenge or scenario you recently encountered?

I have seen a real increased appetite for data migrations to fuel revenue growth over the next 5+ years from our customer base. I mean moving data from one technology to another, as opposed to data amalgamation, ETL and duplication, which are mainly concerned with moving data among current environments. This has had a knock-on effect of our customers’ suppliers asking each of them to ‘get their data ready for migrations’, which is an often a complex task to achieve, let alone achieving assurances of the quality of data needed for a successful project.

What did you use to resolve and manage the challenge?

Our new tool iData. As it can be used to provide support in the cleansing process of source data before migration. It not only manages the quality of the data at the start of the project but is also fully repeatable once each customer’s data migration is fulfilled. As an additional benefit, iData can continue to monitor the quality of customer data and flag up any rogue data being inputted.

What was the overall outcome?

Our customers who’ve adopted iData have seen migration data issues fall dramatically. This has freed them up for further development and growth. Now they’re using iData to monitor data quality in production too.

See iData in action for yourself?

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