Name – Stuart Reyner

Your position in company – Software Development Manager

You’re mainly based at – our Manchester hub

Hot Tip 4 of 10 – how do I manage the quality of vast volumes of data?

What was the challenge or scenario you recently encountered?

One of the key areas of focus when migrating data is the volume, and I often come across the scenario from customers where they believe there isn’t a tool that can manage their vast volumes of data efficiently whilst at the same time assuring 100% data coverage.

What did you use to resolve and manage the challenge?

Once we demonstrated that iData can process millions of rows in minutes, anyone involved in data migration projects wants to see how it achieves that!

What was the overall outcome?

Those brave people who are involved in implementing new technologies, or upgrading legacy systems often see data migrations as one of their huge drains on time, budget and resources. With iData; time is significantly reduced as it is automated, fast and repeatable and it has the same effect on budget and resources as iData assures 100% data quality quickly and efficiently time and time again

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