Name – James Briers

Your position in company – Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

You’re mainly based at – our Manchester hub, around the UK and the USA, wherever and whenever I am needed!

Hot Tip 5 of 10 – How can I check the quality of my data and fix it, while I plan my migrations and implementations?

What are the challenges or scenarios you are encountering?

Our customers are approaching us consistently and looking for a solution that not only looks at the quality of their data before they even start to plan migrations and implementations, but more importantly provides opportunities to resolve it.

What do you use to resolve and manage these challenges?

We use iData as it presents a clear results output which highlights issues in data quality. It doesn’t stop there, iData then presents an opportunity for those bad data elements to be corrected and then allows for the ETL process to be repeated to recheck speeding up the path to a clean dataset loaded into destination databases.

What is the overall outcome?

iData empowers our customers to problem solve and cleanse poor quality data at the earliest stage possible, consistently exceeding their expectations when it comes to data quality fixes.

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