Name – James Briers

Your position in company – Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

You’re mainly based at – Mostly our Manchester hub, but also throughout the UK as needed!

Hot Tip 7 of 10 – how will iData fit with my data migration strategy?

What was the challenge or scenario you recently encountered?

We are often asked by data advocates, how will iData fit with their data migration strategy? The best way to prove this is by demonstrating iData’s agility and automated data assurance capabilities.

What did you use to resolve and manage the challenge?

Once we demonstrated how iData facilitates analysis of 100% of their data, and not just random or subset analysis, our customers realized that iData should be an essential component of their data migration strategy.

What was the overall outcome?

The inclusion of iData in our customers’ data migration strategies has resulted in their projects’ acceleration to value for them substantially quicker than has been achieved before.

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