Jira is an incredible piece of software that allows you to not only customise your workflow and create easy-to-use, easy-to-understand visuals that genuinely make your work life easier. Jira allows you to fully customise and design your displays to identify the important elements of your work and get rid of the things that are distracting or don’t offer you any real benefits. However, there is a lot to think about when it comes to creating a truly effective Jira configuration, and that is where iJira comes in.


For example, to match your operations, your business will want its own Jira issue types in addition to the standard ‘Task’, ‘Story’ and ‘Bug’ that come out of the box. You’ll want to create new fields that are unique to your industry and your teams, making it easy to pick out problems well in advance, and understand where and why things go wrong in plain English. You’ll need some optional fields while others will be required. You will have your own terminology within your business to describe the priority levels of different tasks and for the status of an issue, which is something your Jira setup should reflect. And of course, your Atlassian workflow and your business processes should be completely in-sync!


iJira is a way for you and your team to quickly, easily and effectively implement truly customised workflows into your Jira, without having to go back and forth with admin teams or create complex workarounds for a system that isn’t fit for purpose, slowing you down in the long run.


Using iJira, you can create custom configurations both in the back and front-end. This means that not only are your operations and processes smart, streamlined and documented, but are also displayed in an intelligent, intuitive format that gives team leaders, product owners and management teams a clear insight into the way things are running. We can also help you create workflows that look different for each team or user, depending on their needs and the information that is available to them. This means that managers can quickly and clearly pick up on information that developers and testers wouldn’t find relevant, and vice versa!


Increasingly, Atlassian users are also expanding their use of Jira outside of the software development and IT departments and into the areas of marketing, human resources, strategic planning and accounting, among others. Again, an intelligent, custom configuration, created and delivered by our iJira team, will ensure that the right language and processes are used for each team and their specific deliverables.


In other words, you can configure your Jira to make it look, feel and operate like a unique, ever-evolving, custom build for your organisation (at a very good price). Sounds great, right? And it is. A beautiful configuration is a joy to behold! It makes the lives of your teams easier, improves efficiency and transparency and gives you clarity into how your team is working. Most importantly, it makes your people want to use the system. With iJira, it couldn’t be easier to implement a system that is completely compatible with, and tailored to, the way you work and the products you create. 


To find out more about how you can make the most out of your Jira, get in touch with our team of iJira experts.




Author: Andrew Smith, IDS IT Technical Consultant

iJira - Creating One version of the truth

iJira is a bespoke Jira configuration which provides you and your team with a set of dashboards to track and trace the progress of important Enterprise, Portfolio and project elements. Linking all your disciplines assets and requirements together to form on demand reports and dashboards supporting quality decision making throughout your governance processes.

iJira - Creating One version of the truth

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