As we all know by now, no matter what sector you’re in, or which industries you work for, the staff you hire and the people you work with can be your biggest asset or your worst nightmare. Dedicated, qualified and proactive staff can help drive your business forward in all sorts of unexpected ways, providing insight, ideas and innovation at all levels of the business. Meanwhile, poor staffing and recruitment choices can have the opposite effect – increasing staff turnover, slowing progress, reducing collaboration and excitement and, in some cases, putting a black spot on your company that can take a very long time to wear off.

So how do you know you’re making the right call when it comes to recruitment? After all, many people can have a great interview and then simply not be suited for the job at hand, be excellent in their role but not be able to gel with their colleagues, or even cause you to lose quality hires. In this post, well be taking a look at what makes a quality recruitment strategy and how iResource can help make it happen for your business.

What Should You be Looking for in a Sustainable Recruitment Strategy?

Your recruitment strategy covers every single part of the recruitment process, all the way from defining your role and creating job specs to closing placements and getting your new team members settled in. 

A sustainable strategy is one that has a deep understanding of your company, the work you do every day and the culture you’ve created (or are looking to create, in smaller businesses). It also takes into account the limitations that your company has when it comes to finding the best candidates – location, benefits, budget, the scope of the role and the team the candidate would be working in are all highly relevant to candidates, and are all individual elements that can turn on or put off the candidates at the top of your list. 

A quality recruitment strategy also takes into account your brand and reputation, and what that means both for you and your candidates. After all, just like a marketing or sales strategy, a recruitment strategy cannot be complete without taking your brand and reputation into account.

All of this means that you won’t just be hiring because you need someone to fill a seat, but because you’ve identified a space for a certain kind of individual and the expertise that they bring to the table. Sustainable recruitment is all about putting care and consideration into every stage of the process, and that is where iResource comes in.

How iResource Can Help

iResource is a service that helps you connect with the right candidates and gain new employees that make sense for your business. Through helping you improve your recruitment strategy and picking up on common problems, we offer a practical approach that is as hands-on or as hands-off as you choose. We take all the guesswork out of hunting down candidates, leaving you with a high-quality roster of interviewees.

iResource works with you to define and implement a sturdy, long-lasting recruitment strategy. From the initial defining of the role and truly understanding what you want this person to be able to achieve within the role to conducting WHO interviews after we have filtered out all unsuitable candidates, the iResource team are by your side every step of the way. 

iResource is designed from the ground up to save you large amounts of time, blow away the potential stress of not having a clear process in place and ultimately save you the pain of wrong hires, which can prove to be very costly, and again, a big waste of time. Get in touch with the team at ids to find out how iResource can help you.



Author: Charlie Crane; IDS Recruitment Consultant

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