iDataQuality is our suite of data generation, data obfuscation (data masking), and data quality management solutions delivered via on-premise or cloud software through iData for your test data management and data quality or data migration needs

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Data Quality Management is more important than ever, with current headlines dominated by:

Data breaches

Fines for non-compliance with data regulation

Identity theft

Fraud and more

We want to take data quality beyond these negative connotations and simple problem solving into creating value for everyone: us, you, and the society we live in.

That’s why we’ve built a suite of tools that combine our expertise in Test Data Management and Quality Assurance with comprehensive and robust data quality management capabilities.

Our Data Quality Assurance Tools


Generate synthetic data or obfuscate production data to support a sophisticated software testing practice. Test Data Management services will allow you to speed up the software development process while maintaining a level of foresight and knowledge and ensure that you’re within regulations such as GDPR.



The focus of data quality tools like this is to chaperone data through a cleansing process before a transformation, migration or for use with data analytics. iData delivers process which performs rapid data quality checks to maintain integrity, quality and keep it in line with your data quality targets.



This data quality assurance tool will help you to validate email addresses to help your sales & marketing teams. Knowing that your marketing emails are being sent to the right people will help maximise its impact and minimise the bounce rate. Information quality management services such as iDontBounce will ensure your data set is as crystalised as possible.



Here at ids, we don't just provide you with data quality assurance tools and leave it there. We strive to educate which is why our iDataAcademy is a great educational platform that has a goal of empowering you with knowledge on data validity, data quality review tools, data analysis and much, much more. Enroll in our training course today and scale up your career in data.


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What Is Data Quality Assurance?

Data quality assurance is actually a fairly simple idea. It’s simply the process of taking a data set that is important to you and running several data quality checks to arrive at a point where you are assured that the data you have is optimised for its intended purpose, has undergone sufficient data cleansing to remove irrelevancies and is generally good quality data.

Importance Of Data Quality Assurance

Bad data is just that – bad data. Data quality issues can have significant impacts on your performance targets. Lack of data cleansing will send you down different paths and lead you to make bad choices based on poor data integrity. It’s hard to overstate how vital it is you engage in data quality assurance practices. It should be considered the foundation of everything you do. If you’re going to be using data sets to drive decisions about software, a product or service then data quality checks are a necessity. If you get the data quality checks done properly you can expect greater knowledge, data consistency and operational efficiency on the available data you have.

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If you want to strengthen your data integrity, improve your data analysis, ensure more data consistency on the available data all while keeping in line with data protection regulations then iDataQuality and its tools are for you. From London, Cardiff and Birmingham right through to Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow or Edinburgh we have helped businesses and institutions right across the UK with cutting-edge data solutions that have helped propel them forward. We’re passionate about refining your data sets to ensure you’re making the best, most informed decisions.

If you’re a Chief Technical Officer, Programme Director, Programme Test Manager or work in marketing or sales and you want a suite of tools that will give you the most accurate and up-to-date picture of your data then get in touch with the team at ids. We can’t wait to find out how we can help.

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