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These days, communicating your brand name and the products & services you offer is just as important as selling them. Despite the advances in social media, email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers. The power of email is just one of the reasons why you need to ensure you have an email validation service that can scan through your email list to determine which are valid and which are not. Without this email validation service, you’re sending out emails without knowing how effective they will be in terms of lead generation. Having invalid email addresses on your database is a waste of time and money and hampers your efforts to ensure high data quality.

Here at ids, we know the pain of poor customer data quality. This is why we’ve worked to create iDontBounce to ensure your sales and marketing teams have customer data that is full of quality, making their email marketing efforts as effective as possible.

What Is iDontBounce?

iDontBounce is an email verification and validation service that automates the process of checking your existing customer data. It will quickly detect invalid email addresses and flag them to you so that you can focus on the valid email address (i.e. the ones that are most likely to read what you have to say). iDontBounce is all about having as much awareness as possible about the state of your customer data. By harnessing this knowledge you, the sales team and the marketing team can align themselves more effectively to methods of email communication that will deliver results. 

Invalid email addresses skew results. So, that dedicated landing page you created might have actually been really effective in terms of CTR. But, you won’t know that because you’ve seen results that say otherwise. Having ultimate clarity about your email addresses will allow you to make informed decisions to the benefit of your team and the wider company. Data collection is hard enough as it is, especially with GDPR regulations now firmly in place. So, don’t make your job harder, instead, opt for an email validation tool that will remove those unwanted invalid email addresses and allow you to refine your email marketing for your current customers.

Benefits Of Using iDontBounce’s Email Validation Tool

Lower Costs

Invalid email addresses cost a lot to keep on your existing database. While an email verifier may reduce your list of contacts it will also reduce your savings. Why? Because the costs associated with storing and sending emails goes down, while the quality of those contacts left goes up.

More Valuable Leads

Having iDontBounce sifting through your contact list ensures you're not wasting time with bad, unwanted and irrelevant leads. Validating any given list of emails ensures you're spending your time contacting interested parties. Higher open rates will lead to greater sales and increased brand exposure.

Personalise Your Future Email Campaigns

By having a list full of authenticated users with names and addresses, you can tailor your email campaigns to each individual customer, this personalisation can increase customer loyalty. Solidifying that emotional connection will improve the customer experience by showing you care about them. This can greatly increase the effectiveness of your emails.

Reduce Unwanted Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate can be the difference between a successful email marketing campaign and a bad one. Most experts believe your bounce rate shouldn't be more than 2%, any higher and your email campaign is just ineffective. In addition, having a high bounce rate can lead to ISPs blocking your emails or dropping them straight into the spam folder.

Interested In Gaining A Better Understanding Of Your Customer Information? Contact ids Today!

Here at ids, we can’t stress enough the importance of having an email list that is verified and validated, in a world where you have just seconds to impress a potential client, your email marketing campaigns have to be refined and as effective as possible. In addition, our iDontBounce tool can be used anywhere in the UK. So, if you work in a sales or marketing department based in either London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle or Glasgow and are frustrated with inefficient data collection and high bounce rates then get in touch with the team at ids today.

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