Welcome to the new course launch event!

To celebrate our launch we are happy to announce three steps we have taken to address the challenges experienced by all of us in the data community currently:

  • We are lowering the price of Getting Started With Data Quality by 66%, permanently
  • We have asked Alex to become an instructor and create a course teaching you how he navigated a successful career in data, lost everything, and has worked his way back up again and priced this as aggressively as possible.
  • Everyone who purchases Getting Started with Data Quality will also receive Alex’s course Advancing Your Career In Data for free.

Not only that, but if you currently are unable to invest in these courses, if you email Alexander.Boast@intelligent-ds.co.uk between now and Christmas and explain your circumstances, Alex will potentially arrange up to 100% discount for a few of you, on the proviso that you recommend the course to your friends if it helps you.

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Webinar with Alasdair Moore and Alex Boast

The Opportunity of Data Quality – Webinar

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