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Problem 1

Our Solution: iData

The insurance industry’s data pool is constantly growing. So, ensuring that the information you have to price insurance policies, based on complex risk assessment procedures, is clean, monitored and de-duplicated has never been more important. When it comes to insurance software testing, iData will manage 100% of your data and generate scripts based on the data it is examining. In a world where big data is able to correlate behaviour with risk, your insurance firm can’t afford to not have this specialist data quality enhancer. iData’s main focus is providing you with reusable data quality assets that can be checked quickly based on your pre-determined quality expectations.

Problem 2

Our Solution: iJira

In the complex world of insurance software testing, tying every element of a project down to one singular version of the truth is hard. iJira will help you and your team ensure accountability is high and stakeholders and people of note can check on the status of each individual element of a project or task anywhere, anytime. We’ll help you create bespoke dashboards so you can remove any risk, ambiguity or surprises about the quality of software or project. Our iJira tool will ensure you have good audit trails and good data on which to create compliance reports.

Problem 3

Our Solution: iResource

Ensure you have all the tools available to find your next perfect hire with iResource. Whether you’re looking for a test manager, data officer, data quality officer or someone in the Jira space, iResource will consistently measure the quality of potential candidates throughout the recruitment process. Too often projects to do with insurance software testing suffer from poor ROI, delays and miss spent budget because of poor recruitment. Recruiting is a costly, time-consuming business at the best of times and in a fast-paced insurance word you need a recruiting service that can get it right the first time, every time.

Problem 4

Our Solution: iTesting

Our suite of testing tools, from software quality assurance and automation testing to pentest and stress tests, will ensure that whatever line of insurance you’re in, be it home insurance, property insurance, life insurance or health insurance, you’ll have the tools available to test ever-increasing amounts of data. Profile the data you have more quickly, make changes and be in a position to demonstrate data issues to businesses that are investing. Test all aspects of the insurance data that matters to you with iTesting, these tools will make sure the data you have can handle numerous environments, is safe from potential security hacks and has a high standard of quality.

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