Selecting the right person to hire for any vacancy in an organisation is difficult enough but when it comes to a role that requires specialist skills and experience, the recruitment process can be especially challenging. In many cases particularly when it comes to technical roles the first problem can be actually finding enough candidates with the right experience and qualifications. With many more companies now rapidly implementing their digital transformation strategies in order to stay competitive, the demand for skilled software developers, testers and QA specialists can easily outstrip supply.

But as most successful businesses will know, the problems do not stop there. If you are lucky and have been able to attract enough potential candidates, choosing the ideal person that meets all your specific requirements and is also a good fit for the ethos and culture of your organisation is a critically important as well as a highly subjective decision; one that no business can really afford to get wrong. Just because someone has the essential qualifications on paper is not necessarily a reliable indicator for how well they might be able to do the job required or become a productive member of your team.

Then there are the employment laws and HR concerns, that impact all businesses, that need to be considered and complied with. This can be a problem in the case of many software development and testing roles where temporary and fixed term contracts are typically on offer. Changes that came into force in 2020 mean that all new employees, including contract and zero hours workers now must have a written statement of terms and conditions plus there are new rules concerning working hours and holiday pay that also apply to contractors. In addition, as from April 2021 changes to the IR35 tax rules came into force just to make the job even more complex and time consuming.

Ideally, what is needed is a robust and reliable recruitment process that gets beyond the academic record to gain a deeper understanding of the person themselves. At ids our own tried and tested recruitment processes have evolved over many years and proved to be highly successful in the development of our own team of DevOps, software testing and QA consultants, many of whom have been with us from the beginning of our journey. This has enabled us to develop a unique understanding of the special recruitment challenges facing any organisation looking for tech hires.  Packaged as the iResource service we help to provide businesses with a team of carefully vetted candidates who are able to hit the ground running and help to take the pain out of the recruitment process.

It starts by understanding your particular resourcing requirements; what skills you need and for how long will they be required. From there we can then shape a flexible team from our pool of subject specialists for the duration of your project, which can be switched on and off at any time in line with your operational requirements.

To ensure only the highest quality candidates are considered, we adopt a robust screening and hiring process, which quickly identifies and filters out those candidates who do not have the right DNA for your organisation and project demands. We do this by following a simple process which is supported by our proven Method-A hiring approach.

Method-A hiring is a three-step process in which we first of all create an ideal candidate profile using a Score Card approach matched against the client brief in terms of the Mission, Outcomes & Competencies. We then move to the Source phase which involves searching through our extensive network of technical consultants that has been painstakingly built through referrals and regular contact with known experts in their field.

The final, arguably the most important stage is Selection. Using our extensive knowledge of each of the candidates combined with a deep understanding of your business we are able to provide you with candidates who are ready and able to begin work without the headache of a protracted and time consuming interview process.

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iResource solves the number one problem your business has: hiring the wrong people. Make better decisions about who you should hire, and you will enjoy your own career more, have more success and have more time back to do what you enjoy doing most. The hiring consultants at iResource work with you to understand who you should be hiring to achieve the outcomes you want.

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