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In business, you are who you hire. We work with our clients offering a tried and tested model to solve your #1 problem – hiring mistakes. This is more imperative with remote hiring becoming the new norm. iResource follows a simple 4-step method for hiring the right people with a 90% success rate. We follow this process when resourcing for ourselves and our clients. We are also more than happy to train your business on these processes if requested.

10 hiring sins and how to make recruitment process easier

iResource 10 hiring sins

How to make remote hiring simple? Make better decisions about who you should hire, and you will enjoy your own career more, have more success and have more time back to do what you enjoy doing most.


The Resource challenge

Digital change is what every corporation goes through at one time or another. Delivery digital change presents every company with the same challenge! You have your core team, managing business as usual, how do you build a team to manage a short term digital change programme without making permanent hires!? Building your team with permanent hires is fine for the duration of your programme, though once you have delivered, how do you maintain that new team without making redundancies?

Hiring contractors is another option, though with the new IR35 regulations about to come into effect, you are then presented with legislation overheads which could introduce unnecessary tax risks.

Download iResource brochure

Download iResource brochure

iResource solves the number one problem your business has: hiring the wrong people. Make better decisions about who you should hire, and you will enjoy your own career more, have more success and have more time back to do what you enjoy doing most. The hiring consultants at iResource work with you to understand who you should be hiring to achieve the outcomes you want.


How do we fix your resourcing challenge?

The prospect of hiring and then firing teams of people is a situation we all would prefer to avoid, so building teams has to be a balanced approach. Having a good mix of permanent resource and flexible resource is key.


Understanding what your resourcing profile is key, what skills do you need and for how long. We can then shape a flexible team for the duration of your programme which you switch on and switch off as and when you require the service. We remove the headache of finding good contractors by shaping your team from our pool of capable professionals. We manage the operational aspect of the resource, whilst you benefit from the delivery expertise.

iResource provides a flexible resourcing solution to support you in your peak demand times of need. We deliver this by ensuring that we have the best of breed team on hand to deliver your programme and are able to manage your peak demands without breaking stride.


To ensure high-quality, we adopt a robust screening and hiring process which quickly identifies those candidates whom are not of the right DNA for your organisation and project demand. We follow a simple 3 step process which is supported by the Method-A hiring approach.

How do we fix your resourcing challenge?

Score Card

The scorecard is broken down into Mission, Outcomes & Competencies. The Scorecard allows us to fully identify your requirement. Understanding exactly what you need your A Player to achieve in the role. What is their mission? What are their core required competencies, e.g. technical proficiencies and what outcomes will this person need to achieve in order to benefit your business and fulfil the role?


Within the Source part of the Method A, this is how we begin to target and engage with the best possible candidates. This is done through: Referrals – We use referrals through our vast technical network & consultants. Good people know good people. iResource – Our iResource team are constantly building our pool of A Player candidates across DevOps, Development, Data & Testing. Social Media – We keep active on social media platforms, creating relationships and awareness of, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter.


The final, important step as part of the Method A process is Select.

Benefits Of iResource

Cut Down The Recruitment Cycle

We'll do all the heavy lifting when it comes to sourcing, screening and reviewing candidates. All you have to do is interview them, leaving you to focus on the best talent on offer, not on the process.

Work With Experts

At ids, we use this exact software engineering recruitment solution ourselves and have spent years refining it to what it is today. You can rest assured knowing that we'll be looking for only the best talent for your company.

Recruit From Across The Globe

In a world of remote working, the traditional office environment can sometimes limit a talent search. Our team has connections in Europe and the US and can help you find your next great hire from far-flung places.

Interested In A Bespoke Recruitment Process? Get In Touch With The Team At ids Today

If you’re an Engineering Manager, CTO, Programme Director or Programme Manager looking for a software engineering recruitment agency that can assist you in finding your next hire by using modern, refreshing solutions then get in touch with the team at ids today. We can’t wait to hear how our software engineering recruitment solutions can help you find your next Design Engineer, Test Engineer, Software Developer or new member of DevOps. Whatever role you’re looking to fill, the software engineering recruitment experts here at ids can help you.

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