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In the legal industry, there is a great deal of discussion about big data, data analytics and the impact it will have on case management and the practice of law. While all this is great for the legal profession, what isn’t being spoken about is the quality of this data, the need for rigorous, automated testing and data quality assurance.

Without these assurances, the data inputted has no integrity, no backbone. Data analysis cannot be effectively conducted because the data is poor. Here at ids, we have experience of working with companies in the legal market who have varying degrees of data collection and data analytics. Some struggle with the very existence of data, others have legal data but it’s scattered across a multitude of legacy systems that aren’t connected and haven’t been updated in years. This data lacks consistency and may no longer be accurate.

Our team has seen the competition increase in professional services such as the legal sector. This competition further increases the need for good data. Having quality data will allow you to enjoy better decision making which, in turn, will give you a significant advantage against your competitors.

Our range of solutions is ideal for businesses across the legal system. We implement rigorous process improvement, thorough data testing and quality assurance to ensure the data you’re inputting and working with is of the highest quality.

Problem 1

Our Solution: iDontBounce

Oftentimes the quality of CRM databases is on the back-burner for a lot of legal firms. A busy day-to-day schedule can leave CRM systems and email lists to sit and collect dust, become outdated and irrelevant. This is a big problem, having an inefficient customer data set will cost you time and money and will make it harder for your law firm to get their message out there. It is vital you have databases which are up-to-date and populated with the correct information. An automated email validator and verifier, iDon’tBounce will comb through your database and ensure you’re only sending information to email addresses that are active and correct.

Problem 2

Our Solution: iAutomation

When upgrading from one outdated system a new cutting-edge one oftentimes law firms aren’t fully across the quality of their digital business processes. This can cause issues, bugs and sometimes irretrievable data loss if things aren’t configured properly before a new system goes live. iAutomation helps smooth this process out by creating automated tests that give you all the business information that you need to decide whether or not your new system is ready to go live. Through seamless automation, you will find predicted outcomes and automatically spot bugs that may have been missed in a world of manual testing.

Problem 3

Our Solution: iData Migrated Data Assurance

When two law firms merge or one acquires another it’s vital that you know, before going live, that both data sets can sync up and match. Without this data sets could be blindly merged and leave data, misaligned and poorly transformed. Within general practice management, it’s crucial all data is accurate and so it is vital to prevent this from happening. iData will help create a data transformation and migration assurance solution that will discover issues in the quality of your transformed data at a time where it isn’t going to cost you lots of time and money.

Problem 4

Our Solution: iData Data Quality

A specialist data quality enhancer, iData can help you visualise your data before turning into something meaningful. Referential data is a vital part of any law firm but a lack of defined taxonomy, poorly consumed data and a manual input process across a number of systems can lead to poor quality data. In the legal sector, where data is sensitive and related to cases, it’s really important you have the tools at hand to make sure your data is sorted before you do something significant with it.

Problem 5

Our Solution: iDataMaker

When implementing digital change in today’s fast-paced delivery world, it is vital that you have quality assurance solutions which keep pace with advanced development and deployment methodologies. For quality assurance and testing to keep pace, you need a solution to handle test data in a way which supports rapid and continuous testing practices.

iDataMaker will help by creating synthetic or obfuscated data that you can use as part of your automation eco-system and discover the quality of your applications using representative data whilst ensuring that GDPR and other data regulations are met.

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Why Is Data Important In The Legal Industry?

Law firms still work in disparate data silos, have lower technology adoption and inefficient billable hour models give rise to a lower focus on data quality. As remote working becomes the norm as well as the increasing prevalence of more robust fee models such as fixed fees this needs to change.

But, proper case management software brings nothing but benefits to these legacy systems, if it’s done properly and data is inputted correctly. It can help bring your law firm into the modern-day, where you can enjoy better data analytics and a more efficient, proactive way of working.

Having correct client data, for instance, will lead to greater client service. If contact information and meetings notes are inputted and collated this naturally will improve a customer’s experience. Instead of searching through hand-written notes that were written by a colleague the relevant data will be presented in a clear, uniform format. Data analytics based off of legal data can inform relevant stakeholders about the firm’s next steps.

Reporting is a real benefit for lawyers but only works when the data analysis is based on accurate information.

In addition, law firms, no matter where they sit in the legal world, keep sensitive data about cases and individuals. It is vital that performance testing and pen testing become mandatory parts of law firms’ data procedures to ensure that sensitive data can be accessed quickly and is kept to stringent levels of data security to avoid irreparable reputation damage. In a competitive industry such as this, legal tech needs high levels of data protection to retain the trust of the client.

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