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Big data and data analytics in the legal sector can have a huge impact on case management and the practice of law. The need for rigorous automated testing and data quality assurance in the legal sector is of great importance; without those assurances, data is likely to have little integrity and can’t undergo effective analysis. Data quality in the legal sector can lead to better decision making, removing a lack of consistency across legacy systems that haven’t been updated.

Many law firms may have lower technology adoption and billable hour models that could be improved, which often leaves a lower focus on data quality. Having the right software for data management in the legal sector can bring your law firm into the modern day, where you can experience better data analytics.

Making better use of your data in the Legal Sector

Having correct data can result in greater client service. Data in the legal sector is often sensitive, so performance testing and penetration testing can ensure that data is accessible but protected. In turn, this can help you to avoid irreparable reputation damage and therefore retain the trust of your clients.

Within the legal sector, there are a number of issues that may cause future problems in data quality assurance.

1. Poor CRM databases
2. Lack of known data quality when moving from one system to another
3. Data issues when law firms merge
4. Referential quality
5. GDPR breaches when using production data in development and test

Data quality assurance solutions from ids

At ids we have a number of solutions to deliver data quality and management in the legal sector. Integrating these solutions can improve law firms’ efficiency and create a proactive way of working.


The quality of CRM databases are often on the back-burner for a lot of legal firms, with busy schedules leaving CRM systems to collect dust and quickly become outdated. In time, this can lead to inefficient and irrelevant customer data that could cost you time and money. iDontBounce is an automated email validator and verifier that can comb through your database, ensuring you have valid emails and are sending the information to the right people.


When upgrading from one outdated system to a new one, there can often be issues and bugs, or even data loss in the worst case scenario. iAutomation can deliver automated tests to provide the business information you need, in order to decide if your new system is ready to go live. Predict outcomes and spot bugs that might otherwise be missed in manual testing.

iData Migrated Data Assurance

Merging law firms is a common occurrence, but it’s important to know beforehand if both data sets can sync and match. Without this, it can leave data misaligned and poorly transformed. iData can help to create data transformation and migration assurance to discover any issues early on.

iData Data Quality

iData Data Quality can help you to visualise you data before turning it into something meaningful. Referential data is an important part of any law firm, but so many different factors can affect its quality. What’s more, data is often sensitive and related to cases, so it’s crucial to make sure it’s all sorted efficiently before you do something significant with it.


Quality assurance solutions are key to implementing digital change, including within the legal sector. To keep pace, iDataMaker can handle test data in a way that supports rapid and continuous test practices. Create synthetic or obfuscated data that you can use to discover the quality of your applications, while making sure GDPR and other data regulations are met.

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