What do you do at iDelivery Solutions Group?
I manage everything for our back office. I am involved with payroll, banking, debtors, HR, contracts and general administration. And of course organising our amazing social events!
What is your favourite part of the job?
Making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy.
What would surprise people to know about you?
I love sharks. I travelled around the world trying to dive with as many different species of sharks out of a cage!
What is your favourite tech or testing phrase, and why?
As the least technical of all the team, they all sound bizarre to me!
If we were to describe your real passions and absolute dislikes in one sentence – what would that sentence be?
Passions: Learning about different cultures, travelling, food and wine, my dogs and of course my husband!
Dislikes: A lack of manners – it costs nothing to say please or thank you.
What was the last thing you played on Spotify?
Chromeo – Lost on the way Home
Tell us something you love about working for iDelivery Group?
Working for company that is incredibly passionate and hard working. Very friendly environment and being on first names terms with everyone in the company. I admire the hard work and commitment everyone puts into the company to continually drive it forward.

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