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We are very proud of the fact that the iData Quality Academy is growing and are excited to announce our new courses launch event!

Before we get into the details, we would like to explain some decisions that we have taken; our goal with the program is to help as many people as possible learn more about the data industry, acquire new skills and knowledge and ultimately futureproof themselves in the challenging economic climate we have found ourselves in.

It is because of this challenging climate we have learned that we need to make what we are doing more accessible and constantly add value to you, our audience.

As a result we are happy to announce three steps we have taken to address the challenges experienced by all of us in the data community currently:

  • We are lowering the price of Getting Started With Data Quality by 66%, permanently
  • We have asked Alex to become an instructor and create a course teaching you how he navigated a successful career in data, lost everything and has worked his way back up again and priced this as aggressively as possible.
  • Everyone who purchases Getting Started with Data Quality will also receive Alex’s course Advancing Your Career In Data for free.

Not only that, but if you currently are unable to invest in these courses, if you email between now and Christmas and explain your circumstances, Alex will potentially arrange up to 100% discount for a few of you, on the proviso that you recommend the course to your friends if it helps you.

About Advancing Your Career In Data:

Alex’s course is especially relevant to today’s circumstances in that it covers the skills you need to become adaptable, flexible and resilient to thrive in these uncertain times.

He is a known and respected member of the data community who can represent both sides of the interviewing table, as well as recently employed and unemployed.

Here is his list of chapter titles (something missing? Email him):

(Pursuing or) Advancing Your Career In Data:


Relevance to you

No Degree? No problem!

Understanding Luck

The Money Problem

Big Sexy Risks

Manager Vs Leader


Emotional Intelligence & Listening

Asking for help


Your New KPIs

What About The Data?

Challenge or Opportunity?

Plan B


Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive the opportunity to join the Slack group where Alex and our other instructors hang out, along with your fellow learners; you can benefit from total access to asking questions from our experts.


Your Data Quality Primer: Everything you need to know

Welcome to your Data Quality Primer from the iData Quality Academy – in this useful guide you’ll find everything you need to know to improve your understanding of data quality, assorted into useful categories for you. You don’t have to read through it in order, you can jump right to the section you’re interested in!

Your Data Quality Primer: Everything you need to know

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