Over the course of the last few months, the recruitment sector, like many others, has seen massive change and those of us in the industry have been working to adapt to this new state of affairs. Currently, HR managers are scrambling to adjust recruitment strategies in the wake of this pandemic. People all over the world are now adjusting to life under social distancing measures, and that means that recruitment is becoming increasingly important to keep businesses moving. At the start of the lockdown period, many organisations put their recruitment processes on hold indefinitely, but now we’re seeing a return to business as (almost) usual.

This means that you’ll need remote recruitment solutions that actually work and make sense for your business, and that’s where the rules of remote recruiting come in! Keeping abreast of new developments like these can help you keep your hiring processes running smoothly during the lockdown, and even into the future, so it’s important for hiring managers and HR teams to stay up-to-date and informed, especially now. Charlie Crane, IDS’s internal recruitment expert, talks us through how the hiring process has changed, and what your business can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Take Advantage of Technology

Not being able to spend time in offices or in smaller interview spaces can make recruitment tough, and remote recruitment comes with a few challenges. Fortunately for us, we live in a day and age where technology is at the heart of everything we do. Harnessing technology is one of the vital steps companies must take in order to continue producing quality hires and responding to the business’ demands.

For example, video interview software has never been more necessary. Even beyond the recent pressing need to go virtual, video interviewing is now a must. It’s a key part of digital transformation and was always going to happen sometime soon, even without the current situation. You also need to be able to effectively communicate with candidates without being in the same room, including via email, phone and internal messaging. With a strong resource solution platform, your organisation can implement the technology needed for remote recruitment quickly, easily and painlessly. Intelligently implemented technology as a part of your hiring strategy also means that you’ll be able to adjust and adapt your plans quickly, which is a necessity in an impactful, modern business, as 2020 has shown us again and again.

The time is now to adopt a virtual recruitment plan — a plan that keeps businesses moving, even throughout socially challenging times. With some of the amazing technology available at our fingertips today, it doesn’t have to be a headache to adapt to remote people strategies, so your organisation needs to be taking advantage of it.

Tailor Your Process to Your Organisation

Delivering a smooth-running service designed to alleviate pressure from HR functions during times when they are seriously snowed under with maintaining company culture. We offer a helping hand to keep the business ticking, offering valuable market insight – working in partnership with you to deliver absolute quality into one of the most important aspects of the business… Growth.

At IDS, our expert internal recruitment team are highly experienced in creating people strategies that work. By applying that knowledge and experience, we can help others by supporting, designing and implementing a lasting recruitment process that is perfectly tailored to your unique business needs. Understanding the necessities and dynamics of your company – we implement our effective Method A process, ensuring critical hires are still met with the best quality. As well as finding experienced and highly-qualified talent, it’s incredibly important to make sure your new hires fit with the culture of your company, as a poor social and cultural fit often means higher staff turnover, so you’re back to square one within just a few months. The importance of strong social relationships with your new hires is particularly important now that new starts can’t meet the rest of their team in person, which can make initial bonding hard. With this in mind, we make sure to connect candidates and employers to one another, with consideration given to not just the technical aspects of the role, but the holistic skills and cultural fits to make sure you end up with new hires that fit seamlessly into your company culture.

Whether you’re looking for individuals in testing, development or data disciplines, we can help to find you hires that really do make sense for your business, and we can do it completely remotely! There’s no reason to delay your recruitment processes with so many effective and easy-to-implement remote solutions to your hiring woes available – now is the time to make the switch.

To find out more about iResource, the remote recruitment solutions we can offer you or any of the other products we provide, get in touch with the team at IDS today!

Author: Charlie Crane, IDS Recruitment Consultant

For any information please contact: Elizabeth.kenina@intelligent-ds.co.uk

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