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Your Data Quality Primer: Everything you need to know

Welcome to your Data Quality Primer from the iData Quality Academy – in this useful guide you’ll find everything you need to know to improve your understanding of data quality, assorted into useful categories for you. You don’t have to read through it in order, you can jump right to the section you’re interested in!


iResource 10 hiring sins

How to make remote hiring simple? Make better decisions about who you should hire, and you will enjoy your own career more, have more success and have more time back to do what you enjoy doing most.


Live Compare ids/Tricentis

LiveCompare tool provides fast, automated impact analysis for any update to your SAP systems. It works across the entire SAP ecosystem, including ECC, CRM, BW, Fiori, and, of course, S/4HANA. When paired with Tricentis Tosca, LiveCompare reduces testing time by 85%, accelerates releases by 40%, and increases quality by 75%. Click the button to read more:


API Testing ids/Tricentis

Industry experts recommend that organizations place increased emphasis on testing at the API/message layer. They report that API testing is much more suitable for test automation and continuous testing than UI testing— particularly with Agile and DevOps— click the link to read more:


Download iResource brochure

iResource solves the number one problem your business has: hiring the wrong people. Make better decisions about who you should hire, and you will enjoy your own career more, have more success and have more time back to do what you enjoy doing most. The hiring consultants at iResource work with you to understand who you should be hiring to achieve the outcomes you want.


iAutomation - Simplify Your Testing Procedure

iAutomation is a fully-automated software testing solution which has robust practices and tooling to support continuous testing with test data management, environment management and on demand reporting.


iJira - Creating One version of the truth

iJira is a bespoke Jira configuration which provides you and your team with a set of dashboards to track and trace the progress of important Enterprise, Portfolio and project elements. Linking all your disciplines assets and requirements together to form on demand reports and dashboards supporting quality decision making throughout your governance processes.


iPerform On-Demand Load & Performance Testing

An on-demand fully automated software performance testing solution.


iDataMaker - Remove bottlenecks from your software testing

We are hearing the same story from each customer: lack of confidence in your business decisions, inflating marketing and sales costs, exposure to sharing incorrect information with customer and even patients.


iAccelerate - More Efficient Projects

iAccelerate is a sophisticated quality assurance framework that delivers cutting-edge quality systems to keep pace with the modern, fast-paced software delivery advances of the last few years.


Maintaining data quality is a challenge – overcome it with iData

iData is a data quality management solution deployed as software or in the cloud that supports your data quality and data migration initiatives. iData’s powerful profiling capabilities provide rapid results, empowering you to understand the quality of the data you hold, and enabling you to make necessary improvements quickly.


Download our Data Quality Checklist to help prepare for your data projects

As data quality can be complex and time-consuming, it’s often difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together this helpful checklist to point you in the right direction.


Download our whitepaper to learn about the future of continuous testing.

In this comprehensive and enlightening whitepaper, James Briers discusses what the real issues and inefficiencies are in delivering quality and walks a reader through real solutions which helps to lift the mist on the mechanics involved.

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