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Augmented Data Management – Working Smarter not Harder.

As discussed in previous blogs, many more company executives have come to recognise the importance of data as a valuable business asset and have invested in the data quality management systems needed to maintain and exploit that value for the long term strategic benefit of the business. In many cases…


Using Synthetic Data as an Alternative to Obfuscated Production Data to enable GDPR Compliant Testing

Software testing is and always will be a crucial element of the development and QA process and has been traditionally carried out using readily available production data. However, with the arrival of data protection regulations such as GDPR effectively making it illegal to process personal and private data for any…


Considering Data Migration to the Cloud? Some useful guidance on how to get started

Is yours is one of the rapidly growing businesses finding it hard to ignore the cost, operational flexibility and security advantages of moving your on-premises IT systems to the Cloud but not sure how to get started? The first thing to accept is that, however you approach it, this is…


A Strategic Data Migration Plan is the key to a Successful ERP Upgrade

In today’s increasingly globalised and digitised business environment many organisations are finding that they have outgrown their existing ERP solutions are no longer going to be supported or are just becoming too slow and are failing to deliver what they need to keep pace with their competitors. This is now…


Supporting Your Business During Digital Change

Every business will likely undergo some sort of digital change or transformation in its lifetime, even more so now as technology continues to be the driving force behind many organisations. Digital transformation can help to create or modify business processes to help you drive growth and success, allowing you to…


Protecting Sensitive Data Through Software Testing

Protecting your organisation’s data is more important than ever before, particularly if you are in a regulated industry such as banking or healthcare. One of the most difficult aspects of testing solutions within businesses is how the test data is handled, and in many cases, this means it is conveniently…


Building a Data Quality Framework to Drive Data Quality Assurance

Following on from our previous blogs that have covered various topics on the subject of data quality including what we mean by the term and why it is important for all types and sizes of business, this blog aims to provide you with some practical advice towards building a Data…


Three Steps on the Road to Data Quality: Analyse, Improve and Control

What do we mean by data quality and why is it critically important for all businesses? With the rapid growth in digital transformation, data is now central to most, if not all, business decision making, which means that good quality data is a critical requirement to ensuring the long term…


Why businesses should adopt automated software testing

If yours is one of the businesses still using traditional manual software testing methods you might be surprised to know, according to the research group Markets and Markets, the global market for automated software testing tools is forecast to more than double to nearly $30bn over the next three years.…


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