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Building a Data Quality Framework to Drive Data Quality Assurance

Following on from our previous blogs that have covered various topics on the subject of data quality including what we mean by the term and why it is important for all types and sizes of business, this blog aims to provide you with some practical advice towards building a Data…


Three Steps on the Road to Data Quality: Analyse, Improve and Control

What do we mean by data quality and why is it critically important for all businesses? With the rapid growth in digital transformation, data is now central to most, if not all, business decision making, which means that good quality data is a critical requirement to ensuring the long term…


Why businesses should adopt automated software testing

If yours is one of the businesses still using traditional manual software testing methods you might be surprised to know, according to the research group Markets and Markets, the global market for automated software testing tools is forecast to more than double to nearly $30bn over the next three years.…


Taking the Pain out of the Tech Hiring Process

Selecting the right person to hire for any vacancy in an organisation is difficult enough but when it comes to a role that requires specialist skills and experience, the recruitment process can be especially challenging. In many cases particularly when it comes to technical roles the first problem can be…


Test Data Management Strategy Ideas

Test Data Management Strategy Ideas In this blog, Ids CTO James Briers will outline some ideas you can use for your Test Data Management Strategy As technology – and our own understanding of data management – improves, it is easy to try to run before you can walk, but we…


Where are you on the Data Quality Maturity Curve – and why should you care?

If anyone was in any doubt about the importance of data in a decision-making process, hopefully over the past year, with the government’s “Data not Dates” mantra ringing in their ears they have had good cause to change their minds. During the pandemic we have been constantly reminded of the…


3 Reasons to Adopt Human Artificial Intelligence

Human Artificial Intelligence (HAI) is a new offering from ids that can help with processes that involve application testing and quality assurance. Partnering with other automation specialists, we have developed the HAI platform from a combination of software technology and processes. The platform can support the continuous development, testing and…


The Importance of Data Quality for a Successful Business Merger or Acquisition

One of the critical factors that determines how quickly newly merged companies can begin to operate successfully as a single entity is the ability of the acquirer and the acquired business to seamlessly integrate their operations, processes and procedures. It is one of the main reasons why many mergers can…


IDS’ Quality Management and Information Security Processes and Procedures Continue to Meet ISO Accreditation Standards

As an organisation dedicated to ensuring that quality is the driving principle behind all we do, we at IDS are extremely proud that following a rigorous 3rd year audit our internal processes and procedures have been re-certified as meeting the exacting ISO9001 and IS027001 standards for Quality Management and Information…


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