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Why is Data Quality Important in the Healthcare Sector?

The healthcare sector has undergone huge digital transformation in recent years, with outdated systems being updated and upgraded to meet the demands of a modern, connected society driven by technology. The way healthcare is being delivered is changing, from wearable technology to electronic health records and information systems. While these…


Improve your personal data quality maturity with the DQ Primer from iDataQuality Academy!

There is no shortage of data quality maturity models like the one below, but these typically refer to organisations rather than individuals:     As we discuss in our Opportunity of Data Quality webinar, there’s a maturity model to individuals too, and with roles like data analyst and scientist enjoying…


Introducing Human AI

The Intelligent Delivery Group is excited to announce a new service offering The automated Human Artificial Intelligence Platform (HAI) is a joint venture with other automation specialists that will break the chains of your institutional software development processes. What is HAI? The Human AI platform is a combination of software…


Listen To Data Banter Episode 1 here

The ids podcast has finally arrived Alasdair and Alex are on a mission to bring laughs and witty banter to a topic that is seen to be quite dry: data. We’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts and are bored to death of hearing about how people became successful in the…


Where Should you Start Your Career – Small or Big Business?

When you’re taking your first steps on the career ladder, – particularly in the tech and information sector, which is expanding and evolving so rapidly – all the advice from friends, family, career advisors, teachers, recruiters and more can be a bit overwhelming. The job market today is increasingly becoming…


Atlassian Jira & Confluence: Why You Should Migrate to Cloud

Atlassian provides a goldmine of migration tools so that you can leverage best practice from their own Atlassian Migration Program that provides step-by-step migration resources, free tools, and dedicated support to guide you every step of the way.  Everything you need can be found here. OneTeam migration service The team…


How to get started with Data quality- for everyone

Companies rely on data to make strategic decisions, support consumers, create schedules, and handle other important activities. Data-driven activities are not a transient business practice but more of a new phenomenon. The company’s choices could result in menace if it’s not based on full and reliable data. After all, data…


How small companies can improve their Data quality

There’s no doubt that the quality of data counts. Your data doesn’t exist for existing sake; it is indeed important for the organization’s performance. Data will place you well above competition by guiding your business actions on sales, operations, and many more. Keep away from making risky strategic decisions by…


Careers that require Data quality skill

Companies deal with different kinds of data on diverse subjects such as customer details, texts, and financial data. So the reliability of core data is required, and so is the identification of the overall image of the challenges a company hopes to address. Data has gone a long way to…


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