Healthcare professional using a tablet computer

Data Quality in Healthcare

Quality data is vital in evaluating the global prevalence of disease and implementing public health strategies. We inhabit in an age of unprecedented technological improvement, which has allowed us with enhanced access to data.  The healthcare sector is increasingly embracing and scaling up modern technological data analysis and management platforms,…

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Challenges of data quality

Biggest Challenges around implementing data quality

Data helps the world move around, there is no argument about that. With increasing progress and technology influencing our everyday lives, more information can be collected and processed than before, making it easier than ever to access data. However, upholding the quality of business data continues to be a significant…

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Advance Your Data Career

Soft Skills For Data People

By Charlie Crane of iResource  You can take steps towards being in the right place at the right time, and those near the waterfall will get wet. What we mean by this is that if you want to work for or with someone, you need to meet them where they…

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Intelligent Delivery Solutions

New Course: Advancing Your Career In Data

We are very proud of the fact that the iData Quality Academy is growing and are excited to announce our new courses launch event! Before we get into the details, we would like to explain some decisions that we have taken; our goal with the program is to help as…

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Marketing graphs on a screen

The Impact of Data Quality on Marketing

  Looking at the most successful businesses today, there will likely be several themes that they all share. Particularly in their marketing departments, where data quality has become one of the most valuable parts of the job. But how has that happened and why is it so true? Let’s take…

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test data management

How automated test data management systems can help your business stay within regulations.

When it comes to non-production environments for your application development or training, it’s incredibly important to make sure you have mechanisms in place to support them, not just to make the lives of your development, testing and training teams easier, but to improve the quality of any applications you roll…

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jira health check

What is iJira Health Check?

When it comes to creating truly bespoke Jira configurations that help drive your business, enhance your productivity, improve transparency and make the lives of your entire test, development and management teams that much easier, you need to have an understanding of how exactly your Jira is set up, and what…

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tricentis logo

IDS Becomes a Global Partner with Tricentis

Quality Assurance, Serendipity And Partnerships – Intelligent Delivery Solutions Announce Global Partnership With Tricentis. September 9th, 2020, UK – as an innovative, technologically progressive, consulting digital services and software business, ids delivers sophisticated Quality Engineering solutions, involving Automated Dashboards and reports driven from Automated Traceability with Test Automation. Until now,…

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recruitment strategy

How iResource Works With Your Business to Create a Sustainable Recruitment Strategy

As we all know by now, no matter what sector you’re in, or which industries you work for, the staff you hire and the people you work with can be your biggest asset or your worst nightmare. Dedicated, qualified and proactive staff can help drive your business forward in all…

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university software testing

The Best Way to Increase Effectiveness of Software Testing in Higher Education

The world as we know it has changed massively in the past six months, and as we head into the new academic year, universities and learning institutions are all going through huge changes and developments to make sure they are equipped to deal with the digital transformation they need to…

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