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Data quality and its impact on the oil and gas industry

The recent oil and gas digital developments study shows that a fraction of upstream oil and gas companies said data is one of the most significant resources for improving their sector. The oil and gas industry relies on a preponderance of data from new transmitter and logging systems to detectors…


Losses arising from poor Data quality

In the last decade, companies have reported remarkable growth, which in turn has contributed to a reasonable and fair rise in data volume. It has become increasingly essential to handle the historical and functional volume of data successfully. The quality of data that arrives in the database system is largely…


The three data quality concepts every marketer needs to know

In today’s dynamic economic situation, marketers must have accessibility to appropriate data when needed in order to be successful. In financial companies, marketers depend heavily on data to promote their goods and report results on an annual/trimester basis. It’s also used for generating pitch-deck, fact sheets, and other critical marketing…


Common Obstacles in Data Quality Faced by Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical companies are legal body that holds the responsibility of producing therapeutic drugs for humanity. Pharmaceutical companies rely heavily on vast amounts of data used in all findings, analysis and processes to measure drugs’ effectiveness.   Since data quality is essential for every sector in pharmaceutical company to run effectively,…


The impact of poor data quality in the food and beverage industry

The significance of data quality has been recognized across diverse sectors such as medical technology, financial services, and consumer products. More sectors open to rising consumer preferences and tighter rules on the usage and accuracy of data. Together with more regulation, more companies are evolving into data-driven entities. High data…


Importance of data quality in military/law enforcement agency

As data quality is indispensable to business companies so is it to military or law enforcement agency. A Law Enforcement Agency (LEA)is any government firm responsible for implementing the law by responding to, detecting, and preventing crime.   The constitution and law dictate the main purpose of data collection of…


Four reasons why nonprofits should care about data quality

Data can be incredibly helpful in enabling organization progress or maintain the state of affair to keep them functioning. The data quality phenomenon is not a new thing. In any situation, possessing quality data gives you greater perspective and, therefore, the potential to precisely perform something. Data should be an…


Why People Outside the Data Realm Need to Understand Data Quality

Data quality focuses on the overall usefulness of a dataset as a characteristic of its capacity for other purposes to be efficiently accessed and analyzed, typically by a database, system of data analytics or data warehouse.  It is important to have knowledge about data quality because, without high-quality data, you…


Important Learnings from our new Data Cleansing Course

  We’re excited to announce our new iData Academy course, Data Cleansing – The Basics, by Susan Walsh the Data Classification Guru. To help you understand what the course contains, we’re outlining some of the important learnings from the course in this post. Why is Data Cleansing So Important? Improving…


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