Data profiling

Modern Data Profiling: Where to start

Data Profiling is nothing new, and unsurprisingly there’s a lot to read about on the topic. There are even a few tools out there too, and vendors will happily tell you what profiling is. They’ll even tell you why and how you should do it. The problem is, as tools…

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jira configuration

How iJira can help you match Jira to your business needs

Jira is an incredible piece of software that allows you to not only customise your workflow and create easy-to-use, easy-to-understand visuals that genuinely make your work life easier. Jira allows you to fully customise and design your displays to identify the important elements of your work and get rid of…

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software testing

Current Challenges with Software Testing

In recent years, we have made incredible strides when it comes to delivering software and technical solutions. Advances in technology and innovative delivery methodologies have resulted in rapid software development and deployment practices such as Continuous Deployment and DevOps. Of course, with rapid development like this, there are always going…

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Data quality header

Selling Data Quality to the Business

It is not always easy getting the attention of the business executives—especially when it comes to selling data quality. Data quality enables your systems, such as marketing automation platforms, customer relationship management, etc., to run smoothly and effectively. So, how can you convince the leaders in your organizations to invest…

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Tech entrepreneur

How do Tech Start-ups Ensure They Recruit the Right Talent to Succeed?

When it comes to hiring, start-ups are unique. They have very specific recruitment requirements, sometimes complicated by funding issues and a strong emotional attachment from the founder, wanting those key new hires to share the company vision and passion – and rightly so. The first few hires in a new…

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Jira project management

Atlassian Cloud: Classic Project or Nextgen Project?

Jira is a fantastic tool that all kind of organisations could use for achieving better accuracy, clarity and transparency in the work they do. As well as how projects progress through both individual teams and on a cross-department basis. There are many different ways to configure and customise Jira to the…

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Legal files

Data Analytics is Transforming the Legal Industry

The way we work has changed and has been changing for many years now. Today, it is not enough to keep doing things the way you’ve always done them – the “if it ain’t broke” approach – as even if you think you’re running your operation effectively, there are always…

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What is ‘data obfuscation’?

What is ‘Data Obfuscation’?

Data obfuscation is a form of data masking where data is purposely scrambled to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive materials. Data obfuscation is also known as data scrambling. Why obfuscate data? If organizations mask their data, and experience a data breach, the data will be rendered useless and the organization will…

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project management software

What is iJira? Learn about the best practices.

Ensuring effective project management and clarity in your work and processes is one of the most important steps towards success for many companies, and it can be difficult to organise. Overlapping projects, teams working in multiple areas, long or unusual production processes or a lack of transparency can all bring…

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woman remote recruiting

The Rules of Remote Recruiting

Over the course of the last few months, the recruitment sector, like many others, has seen massive change and those of us in the industry have been working to adapt to this new state of affairs. Currently, HR managers are scrambling to adjust recruitment strategies in the wake of this…

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