When it comes to creating truly bespoke Jira configurations that help drive your business, enhance your productivity, improve transparency and make the lives of your entire test, development and management teams that much easier, you need to have an understanding of how exactly your Jira is set up, and what that means in practical terms. iJira is an innovative tool that teams working with Jira can utilise to transform their work processes and make Jira completely bespoke to their needs. 

However, iJira also comprises of our iJira Health Check service, which is a very important part of understanding your Jira setup, configuration and usage, not only when it comes to the errors and issues you may come up against, but also ensuring that the data Jira gives you is accurate, compliant and presented in a way that gives you highly targeted, relevant and significant insights. iJira Health Check can also help improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation from an operational standpoint, by identifying areas of weakness or waste and helping you streamline your IT & project processes.

Analysing your Jira Data under Health Check can open your eyes to several different potential issues.

Access control 

Jira is an amazing application that can be used by a huge number of individual users in a OneTeam manner, all of who will have different priorities, different usage patterns and different levels of access. iJira Health Check can quickly tell you which areas of the system users have access to and quickly show you role-based permissions. The benefit of this security check allows you to see if permissions and access are assigned correctly so all team members see only what they should see, and only the right people are allowed to make big changes that impact other users.


User accounts and licencing, particularly in large and complex organisations, can get messy quickly. As new staff enter the business and old team members leave, keeping track of the licenses and accounts your organisation is paying for can be tough. Not every account can be deleted if the user leaves the business, but many can, and an informative iJira Health Check can help find these accounts and flag them to you.  The benefit is to ensure your Starters and Leavers process is fit for purpose.

Project content 

Jira is an invaluable tool when creating and managing projects. However, like all applications, it can only be as good as its users, and an iJira Health Check lets you see where users are running into issues or not making the most of the platform. iJira Health Check can help here by flagging attachments, links or ticket statuses that have not been finished for a long time or tickets that remain open even if the issue is solved, for example.  The benefit of this is to highlight potential quality issues to the team.


When it comes to reporting and analysing your projects and their progress, the most common issue companies using Jira run into is finding the right data, and making sure it is accurate. Custom Jira and iJira dashboards can be used to filter data in a huge number of different ways, giving you full control over your reporting. However, it can also make it difficult to find and curate the data you’re looking for, and if you don’t have the clear, correct information, you’ll miss the full picture of your project’s progress. This can hinder your teams and leave you open to poor decision making in the future. iJira Health Check can be used to tell you exactly what data you’re looking at and let you see where next your opportunities lie.

So, as you can see, Health Check is not only a tool to check errors in the Jira configuration and setup, but also to give businesses increased control and help them to maintain healthy data. To find out more, please get in touch with the team at ids and see how we can help you optimise your Jira.

For more information regarding iJira Health Check, send us an email: marketing@intelligent-ds.co.uk


iJira - Creating One version of the truth

iJira is a bespoke Jira configuration which provides you and your team with a set of dashboards to track and trace the progress of important Enterprise, Portfolio and project elements. Linking all your disciplines assets and requirements together to form on demand reports and dashboards supporting quality decision making throughout your governance processes.

iJira - Creating One version of the truth

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