Ensuring effective project management and clarity in your work and processes is one of the most important steps towards success for many companies, and it can be difficult to organise. Overlapping projects, teams working in multiple areas, long or unusual production processes or a lack of transparency can all bring your work to a standstill, which is why you need a tool that works for you, not the other way around. That’s where Jira and iJira come in.

What is Jira?

Jira is a tool that teams can use to help facilitate agile work. It helps teams perform, visualize and manage their work using things like boards, reports and dashboards. Your team can use Jira to help make better decisions throughout the life of a project.

You want the tool to conform to the processes that your team desires, not be constricted by the capabilities of the tool, which is why Jira is so popular among project managers, product owners, development teams and other groups that need to be able to arrange their work flexibly, collaboratively and effectively, without confusion, wasted resource and unnecessary complexity.

Jira is very configurable, allowing the team’s current desired processes or workflows to be modelled and used in a way that makes sense for your business and allows the team to accomplish their work more transparently and effectively.

How Does iJira Help Your Team?

iJira is a service that provides a bespoke configuration for your Jira. This delivers clear and informative automated dashboards that prove the quality of your Jira software, and fully optimise it for your processes. Our focus with iJira is to help you remove risk, ambiguity and surprises from your application delivery processes by ensuring every asset is accounted for every step of the way, and is tied to a meaningful deliverable.

Because agile processes are always open to improvement, if you want your tool to be adaptable as your team learns. (Agile working is a way, to do their best work). A solid understanding of Jira and how iJira can optimise its capabilities helps your teamwork with confidence as they continue to improve production processes.

iJira Best Practices

Plan for how you use Jira.

iJira is a fantastic way to fully customise your process and the way you and your team works through a wide variety of different projects. The almost infinite customisability options that iJira gives you means that you’ll want to start out with a solid plan, before diving into the software.

Be flexible.

The way we work changes all the time. It has to keep up with the world today, as well as to optimise for different projects and products, many of which will have vastly different needs. Being open to changing and optimising the way you work using iJira is incredibly important, as it lets you get the most out of both the tools and your team. Our iJira team can not only help set up, configure and optimise Jira for you, but also help you adapt and adopt new ideas, concepts and processes as you need them.

Be open to new ideas.

Whether you’ve been using Jira for many years and want to see it fully optimised for you, or are brand new to the software, keeping an open mind and listening to the experts can help you reinvent your processes in ways you might never have thought of. We are experts in the Jira platform and how iJira can be used best to adapt it for your needs, and can give you advice and guidance on how to use and display Jira for you, as well as implementing and configuring your Jira dashboards.

To find out more about Jira, iJira and how our team can help you take your projects to the next level, simply get in touch with the team at Intelligent Delivery Solutions!

Author: Andrew Smith, IDS IT Technical Consultant

For any information please contact: Elizabeth.kenina@intelligent-ds.co.uk

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