What’s all the Hubbub?
The iTest Hub is the centre of excellence for the business, pulling together the cream of the crop when it comes to the company’s best software testers, each with a proven track record within the industry, selected by our incredibly experienced and professional Company Director who is also a tester.

The Hub also serves as the education centre. This allows us to take on Junior Testers and Apprentices giving them the very best start to their careers with the guidance and experience of the Senior Testers and Consultants. The Apprentices go to our primary training provider QA every few weeks. In this time, they consolidate the information and learning they have taken in over the proceeding few weeks and months, apply that to the internal projects they are working on and work towards the end goal of completing a very high standard of Vocational apprenticeship.

The Hub is also the centre of our remote automation world for the company. All the work from external clients is brought into The Hub to provide a cost-effective automation or manual testing solution tailored to each individual client’s needs.

To Hub or not to Hub?
As we offer a bespoke remote automation solution, our senior consultants will visit you to attain in detail your testing requirements, discuss potential testing solutions, review the current type and level of testing you currently carry out and look at the products and environments you wish to automate from a maturity perspective.

We offer frank and honest suggestions and reasoning based on professional experience and facts. Indeed, the quickest solution is not always the best for each customer. Budgetary requirements and considerations plus a cost-effective solution must also be considered.

Our team at the Hub are your ‘virtual’ staff: saving you costs associated with HR, Payroll, training, space, power management and all the other pieces that are involved in taking on your own internal temporary or permanent staff. You only pay for the time you use our staff. If you don’t need us, you don’t pay us!

Communication is key, we are always there when you need us. We can attend meetings and stand-ups remotely, in today’s fast-moving world of IT. We are always available in one form or another.

Give me a Hub.
What sort of clients currently use the iTest Hub?
Forward thinkers; see automation as the future and know that to keep up in the ever-faster world of IT, the faster you can release software and turnaround enhancements the better.
Competitive; only the strongest survive in today’s IT driven world. Releasing faster, cleaner and cheaper software is key. The market leaders and born survivors into this jungle are the ones using automation imbedded into the software development life cycle. End Customers are not going to use software that is full of bugs, issues and vulnerabilities.
Growing and innovative; IT is a rapidly growing and changing industry to be in. The successful companies in the industry can change and grow rapidly, with innovating new ideas, concepts technologies and ways of thinking our customers need the pull automation offers to build the momentum a cutting-edge IT Business needs to survive.

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