Atlassian Jira & Confluence: Why You Should Migrate to Cloud

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Atlassian provides a goldmine of migration tools so that you can leverage best practice from their own Atlassian Migration Program that provides step-by-step migration resources, free tools, and dedicated support to guide you every step of the way.  Everything you need can be found here.

OneTeam migration service

The team at IDS have successfully migrated several clients from their on-premises solution into the cloud should you not wish to do this critical activity yourself.

Our consultants will provide you with the assurance that they follow a plan, considering that no two companies are the same and neither should be your journey to cloud.  Our consultants working as OneTeam with you will utilise The Atlassian Migration Program to provide best practice and reassurance of a tried and tested path to a successful migration.

The benefits of using our OneTeam approach to do your migration are:

  • Knowledge transfer – we will help your teams quickly become familiar with the new features.
  • Your own Jira New-Project RoadMap detailing the migration.
  • Assistance with testing, upgrades, and training
  • Assistance with the project management of the migration
  • Assistance with user migration and communications
  • Assistance with the production of a migration RACI
  • Post migration assistance – HyperCare.
Cost Benefits

Hosting your own Server has costs associated with it that can be identified and there may also be some possible hidden costs.  Cloud hosting by Atlassian will dramatically reduce those costs and take away immediately day to day tasks associated with hosting on premises.  There will nonetheless continue to be a requirement to have an administrator (Super User) who can hand hold users on a case-by-case basis.  We can provide for you a cost model to help you consider your next steps.

Types of migration

Greenfield: for this project we will setup, configure and provide for you a baseline new cloud instance that will provide for you a strong foundation to build upon.

Complete instance: for this project we will migrate all your projects into a Greenfield Cloud instance.

Partial migration: we will migrate a single project into your Cloud instance and configure it as well.

The journey begins with a plan

Using the Atlassian Migration Program (AMP) as a guide we will plan your migration using our complimentary RoadMap that is accessible by the whole team in Jira Cloud.  Here we will Assess, Plan, Prep, Test, Migrate and Launch your new site providing a warm welcome and making sure your users are set up for success in cloud is critical to any migration. By getting it right your users will now be more productive and happier with the decision to move

Our OneTeam approach

Our consultants will be open, transparent and ensure knowledge is transferred to your team and users.

As part of our planning with you the most important first step is to complete the pre-migration checklist provide by Atlassian.  We will, hold a workshop with you  to ensure through a OneTeam approach we complete all of the steps for a Jira Site Import in the pre-migration checklist. The checklist will help you prepare yourself and your data for migration, and ensure you avoid common sources of migration failure.

COVID-19 – Remote working

For remote teams, Jira and Confluence for Cloud can keep everyone informed of positive and negative developments. For co-located teams, they can open communication with people who forget to report their progress or do not attend the daily stand-up due to remote working etc.

This capability and any associated gadgets fuel the power of Jira Agile dashboards and these can link into project issues and also be presented via Roadmaps to give a single view across the portfolio landscape.

By deploying Jira Dashboards with Roadmaps your teams that are working from home and remotely can keep and stay in touch and continue to feel an integral part of the team.


We are here for you

Should you wish to have a no obligation discussion to understand your options – do please get in touch.

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