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Mergers & Acquisitions - It's all About the Data

IDS provide accelerated access to holistic data certainty.

→ Complete data migration assurance using IDS’ innovative Kovenant™ framework.

→ Almost halved the time to migrate and transform contaminated data.

Data Testing Automation and ERP Migration

  • A unique collaboration between IDS and a key consulting partner concocted something exceptional...
  • Access to completeness and 100% data certainty was accelerated
  • The time to migrate and transform the contaminated data was almost halved.

Rapid Implementation of Data Obfuscation

Highly sensitive data had to be securely accessed

→ Internationally-based testing teams had to access data without breaching international guidelines
→ Test data was created in minutes to minimize risk of unauthorized access


The Data Quality Primer from iData Academy

  • The ultimate guide for beginners on data quality
  • Why you should understand the importance of high quality data - even if you are not in a data management role
  • How to improve data quality and overcome the challenges associated with it

Testing Automation Brochure

→ What is the situation facing businesses - particularly DevOps - concerning test data management?
→ What are the challenges of running efficient, yet effective, testing using the right technology?
→ What is IDS' augmented intelligence solution to hindered test preparation and configurations?

The Future of Continuous Testing - White Paper

→ Learn how continuous testing can improve your business through quality assurance.
→ IDS' Chief Technical Officer, James Briers, sheds light on the solutions to approaching complex data testing projects with mechnical efficiency
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