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All our Downloadables at a Glance

The Future of Continuous Testing - White Paper

→ Learn how continuous testing can improve your business through quality assurance.
→ IDS' Chief Technical Officer, James Briers, sheds light on the solutions to approaching complex data testing projects with mechnical efficiency

ERP Migration: Why Data Quality Comes First

  • The migration assurance lifecycle and why you need it
  • Why ERP migrations fail and fall behind time and budgets
  • The engine room solution to a single point of data truth.

PMS Migration: Why Data Quality Comes First

→ Why data quality is crucial for law firms during PMS migration projects
→ Current state of PMS migrations and why they commonly fall behind forecasted budgets
→ How to achieve a single point of truth through 100% of the data journey during PMS migration.

Mergers & Acquisitions - It's all About the Data

IDS provide accelerated access to holistic data certainty.

→ Complete data migration assurance using IDS’ innovative Kovenant™ framework.

→ Almost halved the time to migrate and transform contaminated data.

Data Testing Automation and ERP Migration

  • A unique collaboration between IDS and a key consulting partner concocted something exceptional...
  • Access to completeness and 100% data certainty was accelerated
  • The time to migrate and transform the contaminated data was almost halved.

Rapid Implementation of Data Obfuscation

Highly sensitive data had to be securely accessed

→ Internationally-based testing teams had to access data without breaching international guidelines
→ Test data was created in minutes to minimize risk of unauthorized access


Rapid Data Transformation, Migration & Assurance

  • Exhibiting a data quality strategy that covered the entire data journey
  • Fully automating mapping and scripts with real percentages on reductions in time 
  • How iData is engineered to increase efficiency of migrating from SAP to destination ERP systems. 

Reducing the Cost of Taxonomy Assurance

Real figures on the cost of the manual approach to the bank and savings IDS generated
→How the relentlessness of iData quality assured not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of records 
→ The specialist implementation process to proving 100% data authenticity through 100% of the data journey, 100% of the time.

Testing Automation Brochure

  • What is the situation facing businesses - particularly DevOps - concerning test data management?
  • What are the challenges of running efficient, yet effective, testing using the right technology?
  • What is IDS' augmented intelligence solution to hindered test preparation and configurations?

The Data Quality Primer from iData Academy

→ Everything you need to know about data quality, no matter your level of expertise
→ How data quality impacts industries from food and beverage to military organizations
→ The importance of good, healthy data for all business departments

Your Data Quality Management Health Check 

  • Corrective measures to fixing issues in your database structures
  • Costly errors that occur from poor data quality health.
  • How to avoid future migration risks and hindering ROI efforts.
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