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Only ten percent of the world's leading organizations understand the true value of complete, accurate data.

Yet in a world that's characterised by change, by risk, and where data only ever gets bigger and more complex, those that don't understand the role of data certainty, are those that are set up to fail.


Our clients understand the need to assure 100% of their data.
Whether it's a focus on data quality from the start, eliminating risk from ERP migration, transforming your cloud-based data management systems to be fit for purpose, a merger or acquisition, or driving competitive advantage through your NPS (Net Promoter Score), there is NO room for error.



We partner with clients to deliver world-class data certainty solutions.

Our compelling success stories range from highly specific transformation projects with stretching targets and tight deadlines, to end-to-end digital transformation.

We work with enterprises for whom the quality of data is unarguable and vital to their continued success, removing manual error and bottlenecks at every stage in the data journey from ETL through to continuous AI-powered application assurance.


Automating data obfuscation to eliminate risk and cost


Reducing cost of taxonomy assurance by 90%


Supplying a consistent cleaning and transformation solution for a recent merger


Delivering a vital digital transformation assurance solution with 50% cost savings


Solving data migration and costly quality issues using iData

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