Hot Tip 8 of 10 – Do I Need a Data Mapping Document?

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Hot Tip 8 of 10 – how will iData fit with my data migration strategy?

What was the challenge or scenario you recently encountered?

We have come across several instances where the effectiveness of a data mapping document has been questioned, and whether a data mapping document is essential when planning a data migration.

What did you use to resolve and manage the challenge?

We advise that a data mapping document is essential to ensure consistent, reliable consolidation of data from multiple sources to gain reproducible, and comprehensive insights from that data.

At the same time, we demonstrate the benefits of iData which is an automated and repeatable solution that reduces the complexity in your data migrations whilst increasing the outcome of your data assurance.

iData provides both comparison and assurance of your data directly. And not just a handful of records, but millions of rows of your data – in minutes.

What was the overall outcome?

A data strategy including a data mapping document and iData achieves the following:

  • Data can be managed and deployed like an asset
  • Data assets can be utilized, tracked, allocated, and moved with minimal effort.
  • All procedures and methods for manipulating data are repeatable, reliable, and consistent.
  • Regulatory compliance and security requirements for data are addressed.
  • Efficiencies are increased, whilst errors and risks are reduced.

See the benefits of iData for yourself, book a demo of iData today.

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