Delivering a Vital Digital Transformation Assurance Solution with 50% Savings in Cost and Time

Helping a major healthcare service standardize quality assurance processes for transformed and migrated data.
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National Health Service

The Challenge

Offer 100% certainty that no patient records would be lost and quality testing be delivered on time given the project had already suffered delays...

The Outcome

Overall quality improved on-demand metrics as volume testing efficiency increased. Scripts were customized to meet exact programme testing requirements.

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Progression from a manual user interface and SQL scripting

A central player in the UK health sector were undergoing a digital transformation of one of its vital internal applications. An updated pLDM had to be delivered, but testing became inconsistent, and stakeholders were losing confidence in the transformation process. The data migration test team were struggling to keep pace with the volume of data being migrated and transformed and they were now a risk to the project.

IDS had to implement a mechanism to assure that the migration and transformation of data had quality gates and offer unequivocal certainty that the data transformation rules had been thoroughly tested. The goal was to assure the data was available in the correct format and location in the target database.


Ensuring data certainty and integrity at each stage is where IDS have provided the most value to our clients

Emma O’Brien, CEO, Embridge Consulting


It was essential no patient records be lost or altered during migration

The requirement from the client was to recover the lost time in testing due to unforeseen blockages, and to accelerate the process around data migration and transformation assurance.

Given the critical nature of the data being transformed it was imperative that a solution was provided to mitigate the inherent risk associated with migrating sensitive and critical data in large volumes. It was essential no patient records be lost or altered during migration.

iData is IDS’s market-leading data transformation and migration assurance engine. Based on many hundreds of applications and huge volumes of data, we have developed this unique product to automate the process of validating transformation rules, and efficiently transferring accurate, assured data to a new target database.

Given that the project had already been subject to significant delays, it was imperative that testing was completed on time, without any reduction in quality and coverage.

For further details on how iData’s automated, assured capabilities rose to this challenge, please see the full story below: