Solving Data Quality and Migration Issues

Successfully delivering a repeatable data migration and transformation assurance solution for a local UK authority.
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Local Authority Case Study

The Challenge

Migrating data from SAP to a new ERP system, which is often completed with limited success.

The Outcome

Migration time reduced by 48%, while providing a high-functioning, repeatable transformation and migration approach. A new standard for ERP migration was set, helping save resources to focus on manual testing.

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Moving from SAP to a New ERP System 

When migrating from one ERP system to another, data migration and transformation can cause a significant bottleneck for any implementation consultant. Accuracy and speed are vital when implementing the migration. As market leaders in data migration assurance, many of the UK’s leading consultancies lean on IDS to support and accelerate the migration and offer complete data certainty.

They recognized that the data migration and transformation process had become a bottleneck on previous implementations with public authorities and needed to significantly streamline the process.

A large local authority had decided to migrate away from SAP to a new ERP solution.

Our partner, Embridge Consulting, a leading implementation consultancy, has a proven delivery methodology for performing rapid migration and transformation away from SAP. However, the process in the past had been problematic and slow, with data quality not prioritized.

They needed a partner with specialist data migration, transformation and assurance credentials to provide a mechanism that assured the migration and transformation of data had quality gates. Furthermore, it was vital to assure that the data transformation rules had been thoroughly tested.

The ultimate goal was to assure the data was available in the correct format and location in the target database – but increasing the speed of the migration was a key driver.


Ensuring data certainty and integrity at each stage is where IDS have provided the most value to our clients

Emma O’Brien, CEO, Embridge Consulting



Excellent collaboration as always. The resource supplied was ideal for our requirements.

Paul Turner, Test Manager, Irwin Mitchell LLP



We've been working continuously with IDS across a wide range of scenarios. They have a 'can do' attitude and were flexible around our needs. We like their technical expertise, friendly approach and open communication, helping get things done.

Matt Robson, Executive Director, TSG



There aren't many organizations who specialize in fixing problems in data management and test automation. That's what makes IDS unique.

Joanne Bowden, Group IT Director, Premex



IDS are able to scale what clients need. There's a level of confidence and that's down to James and the team.

Kaljit Virdee, Senior Project Manager, University of Leeds



IDS' experiences, abilities and impressive client engagements demonstrate an incredible skill in QA, testing and data, which will prove to be extremely valuable for our current and future customers.

David Binns, Partner Alliances Manager, Tricentis


"55% to 75% of all ERP migration projects fail to meet their objectives"

iData is a bespoke data transformation and migration assurance engine that automates the process of validating that transformation rules are correct. Data is ingested from a source before following a slick process to improve data quality prior to any transformation. This is completed using template scripts that can be easily edited to drive the focus of each test and assure the transformation process.

By adding templates, there was rapid script creation and faster feedback loops for each data migration cycle.

How exactly did iData perform in this complex process?

Download the full case study using the link below.