Supplying a Consistent Cleaning and Transformation Solution for a Recent Merger

Rapid implementation of a repeatable migration assurance solution for a legal firm acquiring a new business
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Legal Services Firm

The Challenge

Rectify the acquired business' poor data quality through cleaning before the transformation and migration program concludes.

The Outcome

Eradicated data quality issues using iData and future-proofing with a proactive solution. Testing quality was advanced to focus manual efforts on exploratory tasks.

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Reconciling Data Into a Single Source

A data transformation and migration program of works was set up after recently acquiring a smaller law firm, before realizing that the quality of the acquired business data appeared to be below expected levels.

IDS were tasked with implementing a rapid solution for cleansing, migrating and transforming this data.

The goal included assuring the data was available in the correct format and location in the target database. Increasing the speed associated with data migration was a key driver, whilst ensuring that quality was not sacrificed.

IDS have successful experiences in delivering data migration and transformation projects using iData and an associated delivery methodology which provides quality assurance at the heart of the approach.


Ensuring data certainty and integrity at each stage is where IDS have provided the most value to our clients

Emma O’Brien, CEO, Embridge Consulting


iData uses an automation process to ingest data and follow a slick process to improve data quality prior to any transformation

With a clear understanding of the costs and return on investment opportunities available, our approach delivered a fully repeatable end to end data cleansing process which now forms part of a proactive approach to managing Data Quality for the firm. 

Through the specialist implementation of IDS’s iData Migration and Transformation assurance solution, the client’s confidence increased in multiple areas.

To fully immerse in iData’s techniques and solutions for each stakeholder group, the complete case study is described below: