Reducing cost of taxonomy assurance by more than 90%

Increasing breakeven confidence for a UK bank by cutting monthly costs of taxonomy assurance
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Central Bank

The challenge

Remove dependencies on manual checking of payment processing files to limit time taken to assure new taxonomy changes and the increasing costs that come with this process.

The outcome

The manual 'bottleneck' was eliminated, cutting costs to deliver affordable assurance processes in future.

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Delivering a lean, efficient execution to satisfy internal customers

The bank is a central player in the UK banking industry and were undergoing internal changes and increased control around quality assurance practices. This, coupled with a strong desire to reduce testing costs associated, meant they wanted to deliver a lean, efficient execution capable of satisfying its internal customers. 

The Test & Quality & Release Management and Domain Lead Test Automation Manager at the bank, recognised the importance of completing regression testing of the application quickly. However, the traditional manual approach they adopted was becoming a costly bottleneck. 

Compounding the inherent challenge of manual testing was the growing complexity of their testing coverage. The team had 15 days to complete each monthly deployment of the application. Coupled with heavily involved data-related validation of results exposed the manual testing approach to human error which could be catastrophic for the organisation.


Ensuring data certainty and integrity at each stage is where IDS have provided the most value to our clients

Emma O’Brien, CEO, Embridge Consulting


The Solution: Automated regression testing

Working closely with Test management and business units, the first task was to establish the cost of their UK-based regression testing. In the case of the bank, the equivalent costs of their traditional manual testing become even higher.

Ideally, you should execute regression tests each time you build and deploy an application. For a typical software application with active development procedures this should be held on a monthly basis.

iData didn’t just deliver testing quality and ALM benefits, but more holistic, HCM advantages to the entire organisation.