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Our Academy demonstrates our passion and commitment to a life-long journey of knowledge acquisition.

Working in the data industry isn’t just about having a post-graduate degree in Computer Science – it’s about learning the skills (hard and soft) that empower you and others to more clearly communicate the complex proposition that is data management.

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Get Certified In Data Quality

Getting Started with Data Quality’ is our first course and is now more affordable in the light of the current global economic situation and payment can be spread over 3 or 12 months.

This fantastic course is led and created by some of the world’s most influential and qualified data advocates. Including a mix of award-winning accomplished authors, speakers and accredited industry leaders in the industry including Jordon Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik, Susan Walsh from The Classification Guru, Kate Strachnyi, founder of Story by Data, George Firican of LightsOnData and ids’ very own Alasdair Moore, the founder of iData. Topics on the course include:

  • The importance of data quality
  • The cost of poor data quality
  • The on-going relationship between data quality and data visualisation
  • Data’s impact on AI and machine learning
  • Selling data quality to the business

We are happy to announce that anyone who purchases Getting Started will now also receive our second course, Advancing Your Career In Data by Alex Boast. This course is specifically designed to help you develop the soft skills and resilience necessary to adapt and thrive in an environment of uncertainty.

Getting Started In Data Quality Advancing your Career In Data

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Every student doesn’t just get access to the course material, but also access to the instructors and each other through our dedicated Slack channel, providing an interactive learning environment even after you’ve finished the course.

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If you’ve completed both courses and are ready to evolve, contact with the email subject line: ADVOCACY?