Automation Test Consultant

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You will have technical experience of hands-on delivery of client / technical projects of over 3 years.

You will have worked under your own supervision, reporting to a team lead or delivery lead, and would have on occasion had the opportunity to lead and or guide others.

You will cover a number of technical disciplines with the organisation. This particular role is focused on the process of Automated Testing.

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  1. Track personal tasks allocated by a test or project lead

  2. Writing and developing Test User Journeys into testing tools

  3. Collating and documenting testing requirements

  4. Installing and managing the configuration of automated testing tools

  5. Designing test scenarios to meet documented test requirements

  6. Designing and preparing test data to support test requirements

  7. Collecting and reporting on test outcomes, including metrics and status reports

  8. Performing issue identification and resolution in testing assets

  9. Conforming to IDS and client processes, standards and guidelines for project delivery.


Key Performance Indicators

  1. Percentage of automated test cases

  2. Automation progress = # of actual test cases automated / # of test cases that are automated.

  3. Test automation coverage levels

  4. Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE) - DRE (%) = No of defects found and resolved during testing / No of defects found during testing + No of defects post release. 


Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Experience with at least one of the following automation tools: Odin Axe, Postman, SoapUI, Unified Functional Tester, QTest, Selenium, Cucumber & Gherkin.

  • Understanding of metrics and key performance indicators

  • Windows server 2016 operating system upwards with the ability to configure performance metric collection and reporting

  • Windows SQL server from 2012 upwards, and Microsoft SQL Management Studio 2014 updates

  • Consultancy or team delivery of IT Projects

  • Understand the end-2-end software development life-cycle

  • Development Language in C#, and SQL, and preferably knowledgeable in one of the following: Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, PHP, Python, Perl

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

  • Proficiency at writing formal reports

Our Values

IDS' values provide the framework for how they engage with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. These behaviours and values must be demonstrated in the role and across the business.

Unequivocal: We have chosen unequivocal because it's clear and unambiguous; it leaves no room for doubt. It can't be argued with. It gives us certainty when dealing with colleagues and clients, as everything we deal with is based on fact.

Authentic: Data is genuine, clean and accurate - or it's not. Our approach is scientific. Based on truth, not fiction. We are giving clients trust in what we do.

Relentless: The world is forever changing, and change is relentless. We have to be relentless pioneers, interpreting change, finding meaning, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the curve. 

Human: People are the most important. Innovation comes from people, and our people are a constant and integral part of the data journey. Augmented intelligence supplements human intelligence. It never replaces it.



To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter to our Back Office Manager below and we'll be in touch very soon: