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ids was created to help businesses and institutions improve data quality, strengthen resilience and concentrate business focus. We do this by providing them with cutting-edge data quality engineering and automated software testing solutions. Read more about our creation here.

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The Beginning Of ids

Frustration with the industry, serendipity, and a shared view of the future to the creation of ids in 2015.

After a quick meeting, co-founders of ids, James Briers and Alasdair Moore, both discovered they had a passion to create something genuinely different in the testing and data quality assurance industry. So began a journey to create a range of products that delivered intelligent solutions to a broad range of clients.

James has worked in the software and quality assurance industry for over two decades and operated as a technical consultant for lots of specialist consultancy organisations, working with clients like Microsoft, Barclays and HSBC.

Alasdair has operated in a number of different roles, from sales and recruitment right the way through to operations. This experience, coupled with a great deal of tenacity, has helped these two co-founders oversee ids’ expansion in the past few years.

Cutting Edge Data Solutions

A commitment to delivering cutting edge data solutions for companies set them apart from the rest and, despite ups and downs in the first few years, ids began to enjoy a healthy, yet rapid rise. They focused on using technology to make software quality assurance more efficient for the customer, delivering automated test assurance and deployment solutions.

Within the first year, they began to expand in the legal space and quickly landed work with another 4 legal firms all within the first four months.

Since then they have learnt that getting the right people in, and ensuring they function within a structured environment to support their skills, can add a great deal value to ids and for their clients.

Fast forward a few years and ids have established themselves as one of the leading software quality assurance companies in the UK, offering a blend of automation, innovative testing tools and a drive to help clients. If you’re looking to transform the way you test or manage test data, release software and manage projects then get in touch with James, Alasdair and the rest of the team at ids today.

Why ids?

Faster time-to-market without sacrificing quality

Improved stakeholder confidence and customer satisfaction

At least 25% reduction in the cost and time of delivery

End-to-end testing without relying on the availability of legacy systems

How we’ve helped our clients

Health Service Case Study

Rapid Implementation of Data Transformation Assurance solution using iData. Learn how our Technical Testing services delivered a repeatable data migration and transformation assurance solution for a Health Service programme in the United Kingdom.

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Health Service Case Study

Rapid implementation of service layer test automation using an IDS interface automation strategy. Learn how IDS’ Technical Testing services delivered a repeatable regression testing solution for a Health Service programme in the United Kingdom.

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Our products range from data quality solutions and automated quality engineering processes right the way through to bespoke dashboards using Jira configuration services. Check out our range of solutions below.

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