Rapidly break the shackles of institutionalised testing practices and allow for testing to embrace a new world of performing quality assurance and testing.

The Benefits

By introducing solutions which are powered by AI for test design and preparation, automated testing and test data management will bring you the following benefits:

Increased productivity of your testing service, the ability to map out your application will bring clarity to the design of testing.

Easier test case maintenance. One low-code script change automatically updates thousands of automated tests.

Mapping will provide an ability to trigger the AI capability, which autonomously increases the coverage of your testing.

Faster test case creation. Vitaq AI uses machine learning algorithms to stich the low-code scripts together to create more efficient routes to coverage goals.

The mapping of an application will then generate the automated test scripts to be executed against the application..

Greater flexibility. Using the unique activity map approach, low-code test scripts are re-used across many other automated tests..

How to combine testing and AI

HAI is a fully-automated software testing solution which has robust practices and tooling to support continuous testing with test data management, environment management and on demand reporting.

How to combine testing and AI

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