Application QA

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It is essential that all software applications dependent on full-on transformation and migration are fully assured

IDS' iData toolkit provides production-grade environments to minimize malicious identification of sensitive data.

With any change in data, whether it is a data cleanse or full-on data transformation and migration, it is important that all software applications which are dependent on that data are assured. It is essential that any quality assurance activity performed has production-like environments, to enable realistic testing of business processes.

To facilitate this, iData provides users with production-grade environments and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data. Using the Kovenant™ methodology we can deliver this in two ways:

  • Data obfuscation
  • Data synthesis

This enables for faster environment build management and an ability to execute automated testing and performance testing, on demand.

iData and the Kovenant™ methodology combine data virtualization, environment management with automated testing and performance testing to reduce test data restoration times. When there are large amounts of test data needing frequent refreshing, iData also provides data management capabilities for when testing consumes sensitive data, to adhere to information and compliance requirements.

The natural next step for software testing improvements is to combine test preparation, automated testing and test data management tools with build and deployment processes. By unleashing this innovation to solid experienced test specialists, we are seeing massive shifts in productivity when compared to traditional approaches and techniques.



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