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From software testing services, quality engineering and automated bug fixing right the way through to data cleansing, test management. We have a range of software testing and data quality assurance services that can help you solve any number of system test problems and provide metrics on the quality of your data at any stage.

The team here at ids have several decades worth of experience in configuring testing and quality engineering solutions, enhancing the test process and offering quality assurance services to some of the biggest institutions and bodies in the UK.


If Jira is part of your everyday working life then our iJira tool is for you. We will provide your team with a bespoke configuration of your very own Jira instance. iJira implementation strategy will deliver clear and informative dashboards that will provide you with a stream of business intelligence about the quality of your software during development and testing. Each facet of your project will be anchored to a meaningful deliverable or outcome, this reduces risk, ambiguity and ensures everything is being monitored in real-time.


So good that we use it ourselves here at ids. We provide you with the exact resource solutions that you need within IT in test, development team and data disciplines on permanent or fixed terms contracts or outside of the IR35 model. Avoid poor quality of work, delayed projects, miss spent budget and poor ROI with iResource. This tool can consistently measure the candidates through the process and is a repeatable, robust process. We can also train your own staff on how to implement it. Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss iResource today.

Why Choose Intelligent Delivery Solutions

Here at ids, our software testing services and data quality engineering will give you a total and complete picture about any and all data you own – we’re sure to have the right solution for you. Our services will ensure you’re aware of any problems and the fact that it is all automated means you can test again and again with configurations that are bespoke to you.

Save Time

Remove the need for manual testers and instead allow our automated software testing services to do the hard work of data testing, quality control and data obfuscation in a time scale that will send your development process into the stratosphere.

Experts in Data Quality

Our testing consultancy team are experts at every facet of quality engineering. As an independent software testing company, we work hard to improve your software development process using software testing services that we’ve spent years refining until they are optimised for any corporation, institution or business.

Automated Software Testing

Say goodbye to human error, lapses in concentration and a general lack of motivation. Our automated testing services will free up your integrated testers to focus on other tasks. Using our testing services all but guarantees process improvement, high-quality control and increased performance testing because you can repeat tests again and again.

Continuous Improvement

Using our services doesn’t just start and end at arbitrary points. As a testing company, we’re committed to helping you continuously improve the quality of your data through further testing, refinement of other software testing services and the use of various development environments to test production data.

Downloadable Resources

How to combine testing and AI

HAI is a fully-automated software testing solution which has robust practices and tooling to support continuous testing with test data management, environment management and on demand reporting.


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Solutions by sector

Our experience offering testing services has seen us work across numerous different industries and sectors. Data and Software usage are so universal that our quality engineering services have been used by numerous development teams for performance testing, test automation, quality control and data obfuscation. Visit one of our pages below if you operate in one of these sectors.

Higher Education

Keep the focus on learning and let our testing services take care of your software development.

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Insurance & Financial

Ensure the software that protects your companies precious private data is always optimised.

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Keep legal documents and information secure using our quality assurance tools and software services.

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Government & Healthcare

Keep vital data secure and let our software testing services and systems tests improve your systems.

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Case Studies

Health Service Case Study

Rapid implementation of service layer test automation using an IDS interface automation strategy. Learn how IDS’ Technical Testing services delivered a repeatable regression testing solution for a Health Service programme in the United Kingdom.

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Data on patient

Health Service Case Study

Rapid Implementation of Data Transformation Assurance solution using iData. Learn how our Technical Testing services delivered a repeatable data migration and transformation assurance solution for a Health Service programme in the United Kingdom.

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Central Bank

Reducing the cost of regression testing by more than 94% using an iTesting interface automation strategy. Learn how iTesting delivered a 94% reduction in the monthly cost of regression testing for a Central Bank in the United Kingdom.

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