IDS Announces Data Quality Partnership with Allbound

IDS Announces Data Quality Partnership with Allbound | Blog

Allbound is a partner relationship management (PRM) platform that offers various incentives and courses for different industries and business types.

IDS has partnered with Allbound to offer onboarded delivery and implementation partners the best experience possible - by providing them with up-to-date training materials on iData and IDS’ proposition, better customer acquisition methods and lead management solutions.

Allbound has been praised by IDS’ CRO, Simon Burland, as being suited to the partner model by providing an interface for partners so they can visualize their performance against their own KPIs.

Allbound provides an easy way to see how well partners and organizations are performing by providing a dashboard of metrics like revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer retention rates.

“The platform has been a great success, as it has given our partners the tools, marketing content, and knowledge they need to succeed. It has made it easier for partners to do what they do best – generate leads and register deals with customers.”

“Everything is under one roof, so network members have all they need to reap the benefits of IDS’ Partner Program experience.”

Simon Burland

Benefits of Strategic Partnerships in Data-Driven Businesses

The mutual benefit of strategic partnerships are clear. Strategic partnerships can help both parties grow by offering them more resources and opportunities that they wouldn't have had otherwise.

Strategic partnerships are a key to success for all SaaS organizations, and specifically in the data quality software industry. There are bilateral incentives accessible including, better information management and reducing the risk of having a solution developed in isolation that may not be utilized by other organizations.

It’s important for any organization in this industry to identify partners who can offer them a variety of benefits. Strategic partnerships offer four specific advantages to organizations like IDS, in the software solutions sector:

Ability to Exchange Insights

For organizations constantly dealing with customer data, collaboration is vital to success.

Companies can collaborate on maximizing value and growing an understanding of their customers, based on their behavior and data pertaining to this behavior. The more you know about your audience, the better you can tailor data strategies to their needs.

Equally, the advantage of having better information management maximizes chances of having a single point of truth in customer data.

This will allow data-centric organizations to tailor customer incentives and customize content.

Improved Retention Rates

Personalized engagements from cleansed, accurate data can make a tangible difference in customer retention and satisfaction.

Specifically partnering with organizations in the data quality software market, this allows a greater collective, data-driven understanding to distinguish high-value data to leverage and stimulate customer retention.

IDS Announces Data Quality Partnership with Allbound | Blog

Acquiring New Customers

Typically, strategic partnerships will see both parties having something the other party needs and vice versa.

One partner will want to onboard new clients whilst the other will want to increase their revenue stream. Therefore, activating referral campaigns and generating new revenue streams is to their mutual benefit, as it makes the process of onboarding clients easier.

Simply put, the company referring a client knows what the best fit in terms of requirements would be for them. They may also give advice and training on how to work with their product/service.

iData is an intuitive product but is still technically advanced, when partners share how they've benefitted from it themselves, it adds value and understanding for the new user.

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Improved Advertising

As part of referral campaign activity, advertising strategies can be optimized to generate mutual revenue opportunities from two brand audiences.

Cross-brand online distribution can help identify problems both partners wish to solve for their audiences and grow customer bases in the process.

This strategy is popular among software companies, like IDS, and implementation companies, like Embridge Consulting. The two companies benefit because they are simply able to reach more customers together, than they would be on their own.

Software companies can partner with different brands to get their products in front of a larger advertising audience and, at the same time, make a profit from each sale.

Implementation companies have an easier time implementing and distributing through their channels when they partner with other brands that have already built trust with their target audiences.

What to Expect From Our Partnership With Allbound

Two streams of enablement videos have been uploaded into IDS’ Allbound space to upskill partners’ sales and delivery teams on the functionalities of iData and educate on exactly what IDS’ pioneering Kovenant™ methodology entails.

A collection of marketing assets and materials are also available on the platform to support partner organization representatives to better the profitability of their projects.

Want to know more about the mutual benefits of the program?

If you are interested in partnering with IDS, please visit our page to sign up and learn more about the IDS Partner Program.

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