The ids podcast has finally arrived

Alasdair and Alex are on a mission to bring laughs and witty banter to a topic that is seen to be quite dry: data.

We’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts and are bored to death of hearing about how people became successful in the space years ago – we want to bring excitement, pizazz, relevance and banter to a space that is dominated by generic platitudes and increasingly vague opinion pieces, so we’re diving in at the deep end, and going full on controversy-courting with our first episode on the topic of conspiracy theories.

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In this first episode we cover the all the current conspiracy theories plaguing the internet:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic and the conspiracies it has spawned
  • The rollout of 5G
  • The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

And more.

You’ll learn what people in the data space think about such things, how they interpret and analyse some of these theories, and what their hypothesis is on whether there is a grain of truth in them, or if it is all just strange fiction.

Data Banter Podcast Episode 1: Conspiracy Theories

The Future of Data Banter

Love it? Hate it?

We want to hear your feedback regardless, and we welcome our listeners to send in their comments, stories, and banter to be featured in the next episode.

We are committed to this project, and putting a positive, exciting spin on the medium of Data Podcasts!

About Episode 1’s guests:

Alex Boast is a member of the ids marketing team, two-time judge of the AI awards and independent consultant is determined to bring advocacy into the mainstream.

Alasdair Moore is the co-founder and CEO of ids who comes at the topic of conspiracy theories with a different but still data-driven approach – listen to the podcast to hear him discuss with Alex whether data management as an industry is capable of ushering in some of these conspiracies or not.

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