"As many as 83% of data migration projects exceed deadlines or budgets and, in some cases, fail entirely."

Source: Gartner


ERP Migration: The Devil is in the Detail

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ERP Migration - Why Data Quality Comes First

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  • The migration assurance lifecycle and why you need it
  • Current states of ERP migrations and why they commonly fail
  • The four levels of data quality management
  • A real-life example of a failed migration project and why the devil is in the detail when migrating to new ERP systems
  • The engine room solution to the single point of truth to ease ERP data migration risks and headaches
ERP Migration: Why Data Quality Comes First
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With many legacy and on-premise ERP systems no longer supported, and others due to be phased out over the coming years, ERP migration is front of mind for many.

There is also huge pressure to remain not just compliant but secure throughout any transformation, so the workload is typically immense.

Specifying a solution, choosing a vendor and implementation partner tend to be the first steps in any ERP transformation. But the reality is that if data quality,  integration and transformation are moved up the agenda, the reductions in cost, time to implement, and risk, can be huge.

IDS work with many specialist implementation partners to assure 100% of the data



A Key Lesson Learned From ERP Migration Projects: Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail


Our unique Kovenant™ methodology allows us to focus on any pinch point in the process. so whether you are migrating from legacy SAP or Oracle to the latest cloud-based version; implementing a composable ERP architecture; or managing the merger of two diverse organizations onto one ERP platform, we've got you covered.

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We don't just deal in ERP Migration

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