Name – James Briers

Your position in company – Delivery and Solutions Director

You’re mainly based at – our Manchester hub or around the UK wherever my customer visits take me!

Hot Tip 3 of 10 – what can provide 100% assurance of data?

What was the challenge or scenario you recently encountered?

When we talk to customers about the issues created by poor data quality where migrations of their data are at play, a question I am consistently asked is ‘what can provide 100% assurance of our data?’

What did you use to resolve and manage the challenge?

We showed our customers how iData can repeatedly analyse 100% of their data, therefore providing them with 100% assurance.

What was the overall outcome?

As 100% assurance of our respective customers’ data was clearly defined in our demonstrations, this then allowed data migration stake-holders to clearly outline the benefits and ROI of adding iData to their company’s data migration projects.

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