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Data is not static, as most people believe it is. You don’t just compile a spreadsheet full of relevant information and let that be that. Data becomes old, outdated and unusable if it isn’t managed properly and, it should go without saying that if it isn’t looked after you can expect some pretty catastrophic effects to occur and inaccurate decisions to be made. Why? Because the foundation of every decision you make, i.e. the data, is inaccurate. Non-standardised data is unusable, as is duplicate data.

Thankfully, here at ids, we’ve developed iData. A unique data quality management solution that will provide you with thorough comparisons, assurances and improvement of your data. iData will assist in monitoring live data, once the data has been improved, and catch any harmful inputs allowing you to better control the quality of your production data.

What Is iData?

iData is a unique solution which can bring lots of flexibility and value through a potent combination of workflows and scripts combined with human intelligence. Whether you’re profiling, cleansing or moving data through a migration or transformation iData will give you and your team 100% coverage.

Before you begin a data cleansing process iData will, from the moment you start it up, implement a solution which gives you the ability to profile data and provide a lens into the kind of data quality you have at your fingertip.

iData combines human intelligence, customer requirements and automated execution to scale up the overall assurance of the data you have. Having that assurance, along with transformation scripts, will increase the quality of your data by using assurance scripts which will highlight issues, fix them and synchronise 100% of your data.

In addition to production data quality, iData provides the opportunity to generate synthetic data or obfuscate sensitive production data. This approach means you can use the elements of the data that will influence decisions while masking the parts that, if exposed, would break stringent GDPR rules.

Most data quality assurance takes place once every now and again when it is needed. This may seem the most sensible thing to do, right? Checking on data as and when you need it. This is wrong, data quality assurance should be something that you consistently, repeatedly do.

Idata for Data Preparation & Profiling

You don’t know what you don’t know, but a data profiler does.

Before embarking on any data quality, migration or governance exercise, you should get a better understanding of your data landscape by profiling your entire data set to rapidly understand your challenges and opportunities.

Idata for Data Quality & Migration

Ascertaining the maturity of your organisation’s data management capabilities and conducting a pre-migration impact assessment before you start is shown to improve the chances of a successful migration and prevent running over time and budget.

Idata can be installed quickly and easily to support your data quality and migration initiatives – use the buttons below to ask for a free evaluation license.

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Data Quality Engineering

The Benefits Of iData’s Data Cleansing

Enjoy Better Decision Making

As we touched on, quality data deteriorates quickly. By cleansing it, you ensure that you maintain quality. An increase in quality allows for more accurate analytics which will improve the overall decision-making process. Having the most up-to-date, refined data will give you a greater understanding of your audience, this understanding will allow you and your team to develop thorough more informed strategies.

Expect Better ROI

It stands to reason that clean, refined, quality data will ensure the ROI on your last campaign will be higher. Knowing the data you have is refined will lead to far greater accuracy and more efficient results. Gain greater confidence from iData knowing you're working with quality data. Having the confidence to accept data into the operational world means the informed decisions you make should improve the ROI.

Protect Your Reputation

In an age of social media where news travels at lightning speed, you need to ensure the data you're using is compliant and cleansed of any impurities that could cause catastrophic consequences if used in this state. iData can mask sensitive information, leaving you with peace of mind that data is protected, or it can create entirely synthetic data sets. This can give you confidence knowing that you can go about your work and you're not breaking legislation.

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Downloadable Resources

Download our whitepaper to learn about the future of continuous testing.

In this comprehensive and enlightening whitepaper, James Briers discusses what the real issues and inefficiencies are in delivering quality and walks a reader through real solutions which helps to lift the mist on the mechanics involved.


Download our Data Quality Checklist to help prepare for your data projects

As data quality can be complex and time-consuming, it’s often difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together this helpful checklist to point you in the right direction.


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The team at ids have a wealth of experience when it comes to Data Quality Assurance and general Data Management. We can’t wait to hear about how our iData tool, which can be deployed completely remotely, can help you and your team, company or institution in ensuring you have high data quality across every aspect of your project. If you’re a Chief Technical Officer, Data Steward or a Data Protection Officer and you want a data quality assurance tool that will cover all bases of your data quality checks then get in touch with the team at ids today, they’ll be delighted to answer any further questions you have and offer advice on how iData can help you.

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