Generate Synthetic Or Obfuscated Data, Similar To Your Own, To Support Your Quality Engineering Efforts

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Using poor production data is too great a risk for your business. Instead, use iDataMaker and create live data that is as close to the real thing so that you can base it on real scenarios to see how it reacts. By delivering a robust test data preparation as part of a testing strategy you can be confident your quality engineering and testing will mitigate any surprises once your system or application goes live.

What Is iDataMaker?

Here at ids, we recognise the value of testing using production-like data in our test environments and ensuring that a proper testing strategy has been used to create quality test data – that is why we created iDataMaker. iDataMaker is an effective tool that allows you to take a relevant data set, obfuscate the information you need to make it compliant, and then to perform a rigorous automated testing process. Or, you can create entirely new synthetic data using test data generation and do the same thing – run a testing process and create various testing environments to test your software with data based on reality to quality check how your application reacts.

Like a lot of our products, iDataMaker is automated. Remove human error with this automatic solution to support your testing and development and benefit from reliable, continuous test automation without the need to hire consultants and make them do mundane tasks. iDataMaker will empower you to run as many different test scenarios and testing strategies as you like, with a dataset based on your production scenarios. Having a continuous quality feedback loop will speed up your real-time deployment process and allow you to have a complete understanding of your software before releasing it.

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What Is Test Data Management?

Test data management is the process of planning, designing, storing and then managing various test data management processes and methods. Effective test data management allows teams to have control over things like data, policies, rules and files during the testing cycle. Test data management splits test data and production data in two, allowing quality engineering to benefit from test data which simulates what exists in live. Data creation or obfuscation are vital alternatives to using production data, it is important that this test data is separated from production data to ensure that sensitive data, often found in production databases, can expose customers identity and result in the organisation failing GDPR compliant rules.

Test data management allows you to obfuscate personally identifiable information while still allowing you to have enough adequate test data to make informed decisions, to satisfy the quality criteria of your programme.

What Are The Benefits Of Test Data Management?

Effective test data management helps companies, organisations and institutions implement highly sophisticated quality engineering practices which create high-quality software that will perform well once it’s been deployed. Good test data management ensures that tests are created based on live scenarios to capture issues early and prevent problems happening in the future such as bug fixes and rollbacks. Overall, it can help reduce the total cost of change resulting in a is a fantastically cost-efficient software deployment process. Furthermore, in a world of GDPR and other data regulations, an automated test data management solution gives you the chance to garner information, further your data discovery with different test conditions and enhance your data set all without falling foul of data regulations.

Want To Automate Your Testing Process? Get In Touch!

If you want to automate your testing process, enjoy a testing cycle that creates various test scenarios, provides constant feedback and speeds up the release of your products all while being GDPR compliant, then get in touch and let us help you with iDataMaker. From data preparation and obfuscation right the way through to test results, test automation and more continuous testing, iDataMaker can do it all.

If you’re a business or institution based in the UK and want a single, scalable solution for automated data testing then get in touch with the team at ids today.

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