Protect your organisation during digital change with synthetic or obfuscated test data

Test Preparation takes up 30% of the testing time, 70% of this is down to preparing test data. Managing test data using manual approaches will prevent any organisation from achieving a Continuous Deployment or DevOps model.

Increasing costs associated to testing and missed project deadlines or underperformed testing cycles will only add to project spend and potentially require further fixes to applications once live.

Simply copying production data and populating it into a test environment will expose massive risks and fines for GDPR breaches.

“We recently processed 44 million rows of data in less than three hours. That was estimated to take a team of people 40-50 days to do manually.”

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Regulatory requirements in 2020 and beyond mean testing and developing on production data is too risky. iDataMaker can rapidly generate and obfuscation production-like data for your testing and data quality management purposes to de-risk and accelerate your projects.

What is iDataMaker?

iDataMaker is deployed through the iData software solution, combining our expertise in Test Data Management with powerful profiling, data quality and data migration capabilities.

If you’re looking to:

• Obfuscate or “mask” elements of a product dataset
• Generate your own data for testing purposes
• Automate your testing processes

You could benefit from using iDataMaker to do so.
Remove human error with this automatic solution to support your testing and development and benefit from reliable, continuous test automation without the need to hire consultants and make them do mundane tasks. iDataMaker will empower you to run as many different test scenarios and testing strategies as you like, with a dataset based on your production scenarios.
Having a continuous quality feedback loop will speed up your real-time deployment process and allow you to have a complete understanding of your software before releasing it.

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What Is Test Data Management?

Using poor test data management techniques is too great of a risk for you to ignore and make test data management a significant, essential part of your development process. By undergoing data preparation a thorough testing strategy you can be confident that no matter what happens you have created enough different testing environments that you won’t encounter any surprises once your system or application goes live.

Using representative test data will help you avoid reinventing the business logic by creating synthetic or obfuscated test data which mirrors your production applications.

Remove the dependency to other teams and departments, “only” test know how is needed to create and manage the test data you need. Using iDataMaker presents an opportunity to optimize your test set using coverage calculation.

By generating data, you protect your organization from data breaches, since no production data is every touched. Remove any risk of regulatory breaches too as you are able to completely simulate your data or ensure that robust obfuscation techniques are being used.

iDataMaker will empower you to run as many different test scenarios on demand, with a dataset based on your real-life production scenarios. Having a continuous quality feedback loop will speed up your deployment process and allow you to have a complete understanding of your software quality before releasing it.

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Flexibility and speed are essential, we provide you with highly vetted, trained and experienced consultants to deliver iAutomation from London, Cardiff and Birmingham right through to Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow or Edinburgh. We have helped businesses and institutions right across the UK with cutting-edge testing solutions that have helped propel them forward.

If you’re a Chief Technical Officer, Programme Director, Programme Test Manager or work in the Marketing or Sales departments and you want to supercharge your automation framework with a cutting edge automation tool that can create accurate scenarios to test your data repetitively and whenever you want then get in touch with Intelligent DS today!

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Download our whitepaper to learn about the future of continuous testing.

In this comprehensive and enlightening whitepaper, James Briers discusses what the real issues and inefficiencies are in delivering quality and walks a reader through real solutions which helps to lift the mist on the mechanics involved.


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