The Intelligent Delivery Group is excited to announce a new service offering

The automated Human Artificial Intelligence Platform (HAI) is a joint venture with other automation specialists that will break the chains of your institutional software development processes.

What is HAI?

The Human AI platform is a combination of software technology and processes developed by a group of experts that supports the continuous development, deployment, testing and monitoring of your software development, quality assurance and test data management initiatives.

There are a number of benefits to choosing the HAI platform, including:

· Accelerated digital transformation

· De-risked test data management

· Ease of use – one low-code script change can automatically update all of your processes

· Increased productivity for you and your team members

· Flexibility to work how you want to work

· Reduced time spent testing

And more.

iData is the IDS component of HAI and combines Human intellect and artificial intelligence to deliver data virtualization and reduce test data restoration times, particularly when you have large amounts of test data needing frequent refreshing. iData also provides data obfuscation and generates synthetic data when testing consumes sensitive data, to adhere to information and compliance requirements.


The natural next step for software testing improvements is to combine test preparation, automated testing and test data management tools with AI capabilities. By unleashing this innovation in the hands of human intellect from solid experienced test specialist we are seeing massive shifts in productivity when compared to traditional approaches and techniques.

Who is HAI for?

Whilst HAI will be most beneficial to those interested and experienced in software development, DevOps, QA, Testing, test data management, data quality and more, it is forgivingly easy to apply to your initiatives thanks to its non-technical and low-code nature: anyone at any level of skill can apply rigorous testing processes to their entire project in a single activity map.

You can learn more about HAI: HAI Page





How to combine testing and AI

HAI is a fully-automated software testing solution which has robust practices and tooling to support continuous testing with test data management, environment management and on demand reporting.

How to combine testing and AI

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